March 02, 2017

When I'm not designing I am...

  • Product testing in snowstorms
  • Running marathons
  • Taking cute puppies for joy rides on my bike
  • Rock-n-rolling, or rather rolling on rocks
  • Snowshoeing to cabins at midnight
  • Harnessing the power of the wind with my kite
  • Having 80's bounce parties with friends
  • Going on hot coffee dates (aka chillen with my dog)
  • Adventure travelling to warm places
  • Providing rescue dogs with shelter
  • Carving up the mountain in winter
  • [Attempting to] slackline
  • Running up and down mountains
  • Treating the world like one giant playground

product testing

  • Learning to snowmobile up Brohm Ridge in Squamish, BC.

Race with mom

  • Hanging out with my mom in Victoria after she finished her first full marathon. So proud of her! I only did the 8k road race. 
    race with dad
  • My younger sister, dad, and me at the Whistler Half Marathon starting line. First marathon
  • My dad coaching me through my first full marathon in Victoria, BC.After first marathon
  • Still smiling after 42km in barefoot shoes. Have knee problems? Try these.
    commendeer puppies
  • Came across this cute little guy on a peddle around Nexan beach in Squamish and took him for a joy ride.rock n roll
  • Nothing looks as steep on camera as it feels when you're riding down it! snowshoe at midnight
  • Midnight snow shoe to a remote cabin with one of my best friends and the person who inspires me the most to get outside and push my limits.
  • What's kite boarding like? It's like wake boarding, but you're driving your own boat. It's like being a pebble a slingshot, terrifying and exhilarating. It's like chocolate covered almonds, highly addictive. It's like having a bath, getting out of the water is the hardest part! 80's bounce party
  • What's better than partying in Whistler? 80's bounce partying in Whistler. 

Jump around

  • Get out of your seat and jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down.
hangout at cafes
  • Do you think he's into me?adventure travel to warm places
  • Another beautiful day in paradise, La Ventana, Baja.

provide mexican puppies with shelter

  • My Mexican souvenir.
    work on our carving turns
  • Can you tell I'm a certified level 1 snowboard instructor?
attempt to slackline
  • First attempts at slacklining. Click for progress video

Trail running

  • Early morning trail run in Squamish, BC. What's your hangover cure?
Climbing at the smoke bluffs
      • This is what happens when you take a mexican puppy climbing in Canada in February. I am not a climber, but I can top rope the hell out of 5.8
      treat the world like our playground
      • Kids make it look so easy. Ever tried to do the monkey bars as an adult? It is HARD.

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