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Michelle Griffith

Michelle Griffith

Michelle Griffith enjoys the Nomad Life.

Who she is and how she chooses to exist changes every day. 

In her own words, Michelle is "hard to describe in black and white encoded electrons on the interwebs" and like most of us claims to still be figuring herself out. "There are so many words to describe myself and what I do."
She'd prefer that when you read about her and look at the pictures that you merely form the "skeleton" of an opinion and "wait to fill in the meat of it until you meet [her], work with [her], play with [her] and experience a slice of life with [her.]"
Michelle is a registered Yoga teacher. She completed her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training on the Big Island of Hawaii, privately with her long-time yoga teacher Heather Gail George. She has studied body working in the form of Thai Yoga Therapy and is also a certified YogaSlackers Teacher, actively guiding and practicing slack-lining at many levels. To round off her impressive resume she also practices, performs and teaches acro yoga and does so while traveling the world. She puts everything together in a form of balance-oriented acro yoga called Slackro. Pioneered by YogaSlackers, Slackro is acro yoga on slack lines. It's seriously impressive!
Born and raised in Denver, CO, Michelle earned a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics at the Colorado School of Mines and has since spent all of her time traveling both internationally and within the US, living out of her Toyota Tacoma.
"I currently live wherever I am at the moment."
Where is she now? 
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