Sasha Galitzki

Sasha Galitzki

Sasha is mesmerizing. When she performs the world stands still.

The lights dim and the build-up of alluring music changes the mood in the room. As the spotlight finds her the world freezes, transfixed by the golden goddess who moves with grace and charm. As her performance unfolds, revealing the incredible strength and absolute poise of this talented woman, you can't help but wonder how someone comes to be so captivating.

Maybe she's born with it.

Actually, she was, but it's not what you think. Sasha was born with an insatiable curiosity, a gift that has allowed her to keep moving forward, to explore her passions to the furthest, to acquire knowledge in abundance and partake in endless adventures.

Sometimes you learn something about someone that surprises you. In Sasha's case there are so many surprises if a jack-in-the-box went off right now we wouldn't even flinch.

Let's start with the stuff you already know. She's a talented lyra performer, so it should come as no surprise that she is equally gifted on aerial silks, trapeze and pole. She learned her craft training with some of the top acrobats around the world, including attending a 3 week circus school in Helsinki, Finland. She gives back by teaching and coaching aerial and partner acrobatics and was the founder of Whistler Acro.

Literally dropping bombs, Sasha was a professional ski patroller for 7 years and has been skiing since she was 1 1/2 years old. Firing the Howitzer for avalanche control being her favorite part of the job. What is a Howitzer? It's a cannon. That's right, she's fired cannons for a living.

Since there's a big gap between skiing and aerials let's start to fill in that space. She's also a certified white water canoeist, a former competitive swimmer and water polo player. She can also hold her own rock climbing, mountain biking, sailing and kayaking.

She possesses a dual bachelors in Economics and International Relations and is currently going after a master degree. We don't think she'll have any troubles obtaining it, while most people struggle to speak a second language, this lady can speak 5.

That last fact is slightly less surprising, though no less impressive, when you learn that she has travelled to 51 countries and lived in the USA, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Tasmania, Bulgaria and currently Canada (also briefly in El Salvador, Spain, and Finland). 

What do we love the most about Sasha? That despite her impressive resume, she is incredibly down to earth. 

Her favorite downtime activities are baking cookies and cuddling with her Doberman. 

Want to see more?

Encourage this modest woman to post more to her instagram @sasha_gali



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