Sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles

Bewildhered On Value

Bewildhered On Value
Bewildhered On Value

Or, maybe I'd just write something about how there are companies out there selling nice stuff that's made in small batches, in North America, for not all that much more than some 'high-end' branded stuff that's really not much more than a logo and a marketing department.


Anyway, I'm just getting ramped up (ranted up?) when Nina mentioned that Nadine at Bewildher, who makes really cool tights in Squamish, BC, had already put together some really good thoughts on the subject. And, you know, unlike me, Nadine actually makes sh*t. To be fair, my wife may be the world's biggest Bewildher fan, so I'm not saying there's no bias happening here (believe me, The Clairebarian and I know about it every time a new pattern is released) but I can say the stuff is very high quality and the patterns stay looking bold for years despite regular use. 

Read full exert here.

The above extract comes from Andrew Major, writer at MEATengines; A Human-Powered Mountain Bicycling Journal.


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