Don't put me on sale

Don't put me on sale

December 26, 2017

Purchasing on sale without considering the impact is like voting without knowing the candidates. Hi, I'm Nadine...

    and today I am casting my vote for the sustainability of the brands I love by not having a boxing day sale, sorry (not sorry)

    What I am really saying...

    Every time I make a purchase I am casting a vote "I would like someone to keep making this product" I say.

    Waiting for a product to go on sale says "I am not willing to pay what it is worth".


    If a product only sells on sale the maker hears "it's not worth making"


    What is a sale, really?


    A sale is a desperate move to minimize losses from the remnants of our need for instant gratification. 

    We want it, and we want it now, so it better be in stock. 

    A business doesn't know what size we are or what color we like. All they know is when we want it, we want it now. They stock every size in every color so that when we walk through the door they don't miss out on the sale. 

    We are the customer. 

    A sale is the misunderstanding of what a product is worth. 

    We want it, but we don't want to pay full price for it, so we wait.


    Actions speak louder than words. 


    As a business owner I receive a lot of feedback, and though heartwarming it can be bittersweet. 

    "I loved that top, will you make more?" but it was only purchased for a discounted price not worth making it for.

    "I love your leggings, will they go on sale soon?" If they do, it's because I am desperate and the only thing worse than not making any money is losing it.


    This Christmas I shopped local and made every effort to purchase made in Canada. 

    I bought less and paid more. 

    I cast my vote asking the brands I bought from to keep making their awesome products. Products that were high quality, eco-friendly and ethical.

    And I know on a very personal level the impact those purchases had.

    Every time you purchase from a small business - at full price -  the owner does a happy dance. "Yes! This person wants me to stay in business" is what they hear. 

    Someone smiles and sighs with relief. 


    Is it okay to purchase on sale? Of course, just do so knowing what that purchase says. 


    If that products not on sale next year - if that products not even available next year - know why.


    This Boxing Day instead of offering a sale I am offering sustainability. 


    What products and services do you love? Show them some love today, not with a sale purchase but with a select purchase.



    Founder of Bewildher 


    Ps. The rest of today will be spent with my family playing outside in the snow, offline and unplugged as far away from a mall as possible, thanks for understanding! 





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