Is the seam unravelling? STOP!!!

Don't pull on it. There's a quick fix for this rare flaw.

Most activewear is sewn with what's called a flatlock seam, a seam that's made of both straight and loop stitches. On rare occasion a loop stitch doesn't get secured by the straight stitch and starts to unravel. It's hard to notice when inspecting the garment, because there are thousands of stitches in every pair. It's best caught after trying the leggings on then taking a close look at the seams to see if any loops look unsecure.

The good news is the seam won't fully come apart because there are 4 other threads holding it together, and it's easy to fix, which is a way more sustainable outcome than shipping an otherwise perfectly fine garment back for exchange - especially to those corporate conglomerates who just throw away faulty returns, yuck! 

Instead, why not empower yourself with the skill to quickly fix a skipped stitch? 

What you will need:

  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Here's how... 

Watch this helpful video we found on YouTube before you start sewing. The video provider demonstrates...

  • How to thread the needle <--- always have a freshly cut thread
  • How to knot the thread end <--- she has super cool trick!
  • How to start stitching <--- always start sewing from inside the garment to hide the knot.
  • How to hand sew in a straight row
  • How to finish the stitch <--- always knot the end on the inside of the garment to hide the knot.

Follow our step by step guide below:

How to sew a seam





Frédérique Roussel

Frédérique Roussel said:

So I finally found the time to sew my tights that I received with a sewing issue. (I wrote to you about this right away)
I tried to respect your no return policy and do the stitches.
But while sewing (it took me a while whereas I am a crafting person) I was thinking that, still, for the price of the legging, I wish I had receive a little something back as a client gesture to apologize for the inconvenience.
A small refund, or credit for example.
Have a nice day 😊

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