Print Artist Spotlight: Mikaela Morgan

Print Artist Spotlight: Mikaela Morgan

Artist Spotlight: Mikaela Morgan

"I was born in 1983 on Salt Spring Island with gypsy blood, into a family of creatives. I started travelling the globe at age 18, trading my gift of art for basic needs and the joys of the nomadic lifestyle. My dream is to move to Costa Rica one day with my family, paint brushes in hand." - Mikaela Morgan

How did the collaboration come to be?

Mikaela fell in love with Bewildher founder Nadine at the shambala music festival almost 9 years ago. Nadine had a different business name at that time and was selling festival onesies called cat suits.

They traded painted hats for suits, exchanged deep joy and excitement for each others work and kept in touch.

Last fall Nadine saw one of Mikaela’s paintings of crystal wolves on Instagram and wanted to create leggings.  An obvious f-yes for Mikaela. Mikaela sees Nadine as a power house momma  on the leading edge of slow fashion and hopes to continue their love affair of art on fabric.



Mikaela Morgan’s soul purpose as an artist is to paint the unseen truths that words can not say. Her favourite subject to paint is the marriage of untamed beauty and the frequency of the mystical

She intends to forever bring more beauty into the world through her art work and feels more blessed then ever to have had the opportunity to do this with Bewildher.

What was the process behind the print?

"Whilst creating the crystal wolf print, I would begin each session with a run in the woods and a cold plunge in the freezing ocean.
This helped me to access my inner wild and work with a clear heart. The crystals on the white wolves symbolize the divine crown we all wear.  The magic infused into this piece can be seen in the settle pastels and splashes of metallics. The wolves for me symbolize empowerment, loyalty,  freedom and royalty. 
May you always feel supported, powerful, connected and free." 
 - Mikaela Morgan 

Founder Nadine commissioned the print as the subject is dear to her heart; her sons name is Bleiddwn, meaning 'wolf'.
The Just Peachy tights in 'White Wolf' print...

Limited Edition Design

Most prints are limited edition and we will not make more than 500 copies, a fairly low number when compared to offshore garment factory minimum order quantities that start in the thousands. We have a special relationship with our local Canadian factory that allows us to produce in boutique size quantities and keep each print special, not mass produced.

We will restock some designs up until the 500 pieces/print limit, with the exceptions being:

  1. Prints that support an artist/photographer: These will be restocked indefinitely based on popular demand/permission to reprint, to support the artist/photographer.
  2. Prints designed in honor of a loved one. These will be restocked indefinitely based on popular demand in loving memory. 

To add this limited print to your closet, order here. This item is now in-stock and ships in 1-3 business days.

As we diversify our collection alongside our efforts to shine a light on female creators, innovators and wild women we have collaborated with BC-based artist Mikaela Morgan.

For commissions, originals and prints please contact the artist directly:

Follow her journey on Instagram @Mikaelamorganart and Facebook: Mikaela Morgan

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