Squat-proof tights in "Woven Together" print - ships mid June

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Please read our product description to make sure you know what you’re gettin’ your legs into…


  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Staying-up
  • Squat-proof
  • Gettin’ a ton of compliments on your tights


  • This style is in production: Estimate ship date is mid June
  • To reduce the risk of material waste from leftover inventory, we only make the sizes that are pre-ordered, in limited quantity to ensure we sell out. Shop our pre-order collection to ensure your size every time!



  • Squat-proof: squat, bend, and dance without showing your underpants.
  • No-slip fit: heat-activated grippy elastic and fabric for stay-up power during sweat sessions.
  • Pockets: two pockets that will fit a cellphone, keys, and energy bars.
  • A functional fit: read our detailed “about the fit” description below.
  • Fur-friendly: dirt and pet hair easily brush off this material, however see the "claws" clause in T.L.C. product limitations section below.
  • Perfect for you: make sure these check all the boxes by visiting our product comparison chart.



  • One Tree Planted: We plant a tree per order, where it's needed most. A mature tree will sequester 10x more CO2 per year than is created making one pair of our tights.
  • Tell a GreenStory: We've gone carbon neutral throughout our supply chain.
  • Help a Girl In The Wild: $1 per order is donated to help a teenage girl attend camp.
  • Raise Awareness: $1 per pair is donated to a cause related to each print, see our design inspiration below for details.
  • 1% For The Planet: As a member, we’re committed to donating 1% of our total annual revenue, not just profit, to environmental initiatives.
  • Fair wages for garment workers: Our garments are sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada at a female-owned garment factory that pays fair wages.

  1% for the planet memberThis product plants one tree   



  • High-waisted: Our wide waistband creates a smooth look under tops and a stealth place for pockets – no one need know you brought your phone until it saves the day in an emergency.
  • Anti-camel toe: Designed by women for women; our unique crotch fit sits away from this sometimes sensitive area – a must for new moms on the run!
  • No-slip fit instructions: For best results put these on like a pair of nylons; scrunch up the legs, step through and work the fabric up your legs. Avoid pulling them up from the top waistband alone. The stretch should feel like its going around the leg, but not pulling down from the bottom. Next, get warmed up! Once warm, reset them if needed and they should stay in place the rest of your workout. Special note: in cold weather they may slip more.
  • Standard Inseam Length: Made for a 32 inseam for all sizes.
  • Size Chart: click here.



  • Made from: post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Content: 230gsm 87% Recycled Polyester / 13% Spandex
  • What it does: Wicks sweat, prevents odor, dries quickly and conceals the color of your undergarments.
  • How it looks: semi-glossy, like a pearl
  • How it feels: lightweight, silky smooth, supple, and super stretchy
  • How to wear it: While you can't see through this fabric, lightweight and fitted garments like leggings are best worn with seamless, no texture undergarments.



    Women around the world, we are all woven together. What happens to one impacts us all, cast a wide net of love so none may fall. Women make and mend the tapestries of life... decorate the future with female success stories!

    Empowering words written into this print, a design inspired by our founders love of festival fashion and the coming together of weavings and beadings from different cultures in a celebration of love and creativity. Some of you may recognize this print from pre-covid times, when we could gather, dance and form connections in ways we can't over the computer. Bringing it back is our way of telling the Universe to bring us together in celebration again, and it's now in the International Women's Day purple color as wearable inspiration to be the kind of woman who loves, supports and empowers other women.

    "Instead of focusing on the world's problems, give your attention and energy to trust, love, abundance, education and peace." - Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.


    In addition to what we donate per purchase in the "What you'll give" section above, $1 from every pair sold will be donated to the Clean Clothes Campaign. 80% of female garment workers are women, many of whom are underpaid, face gender-based violence and sexist employment requirements. 



    • Washing: Hand wash for longest product life, or machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry for longest product life or tumble dry no or low heat. Avoid washing and drying with garments that have velcro and zippers, which could damage the fabric and wear off the print. For best results wash in a wash bag, such as the GuppyFriend. 
    • Pre-Soak: Please cold-water soak before first wear to set the ink. Sweating in the leggings prior to soaking them in cold water could cause the ink to shift. Once the ink is set this will not occur.
    • Stain Removal: Remove stains by soaking in water with a scoop of Oxyclean and the recommended water temperature for the type of stain.
    • Product Limitations: Thin and stretchy knit materials, like these are made from, are prone to snagging and wearing through more easily. For a longer product life, avoid crawling on knees, sliding down rocks, and washing or wearing with anything spikey as this could damage the fabric. Contact with velcro and pets claws are best avoided as these could catch in the fabric.



    Please review our shipping and return policies before ordering.

    We offer free returns and a money-back guarantee for all new unworn and faulty products - trying on is okay. Please inspect your new garment for faults and fit issues before wearing and washing. 



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    • Garment Factory: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Bewildher HQ: Squamish, BC, Canada
    • Fabric cutting and printing: Burnaby, BC, Canada



    We will be happy to cancel any orders that have not yet shipped. Pre-orders cancelled prior to the pre-order deadline will be fully refundable, however pre-orders cancelled after the deadline will be subject to a 15% stocking fee*. Why is there a stocking fee? As we grow and our customers become less familiar with our slow fashion and sustainability initiatives, a stocking fee is a way to help us reduce the risk of material waste from leftover inventory. It discourages people from cancelling made-to-order purchases and gives us the resources to re-home those that do.

    * If the pre-order is delayed more than 2 weeks past the expected ship date it will be fully refundable. For multi-item orders that have selected shipping together, this is based on the item with the latest expected ship date.



    You are not the first to wonder and for transparency we are happy to explain. The comparison price shown on our website is the full retail value of the garment, if we were to charge fair market value based on traditional fashion markups. Yes, this is what high-quality, eco-friendly, fair wages, small batch, limited-edition prints, locally made, carbon negative and positive social impact is truly worth. Wow, what a list! All the things consumers have expressed they want at a price they can afford. The truth: it's impossible, but behind the scenes we make every effort to bring the price tag down whilst not compromising on our values. Our retail price is 20-30% below fair market value and with pre-sales helping to further reduce material waste and financial risk, we are able to offer an additional 15% off pre-orders. 



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