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Have your read our designers story? In 2017 Bewildher nearly failed. With just $200 left in the bank and no access to capitol the founder was ready to throw in the towel. Instead, she used that money to build a new sample and relaunch as a pre-order brand with the vision of changing all that she saw wrong in the clothing manufacturing industry. From the inside of a camper with a newborn across her lap she built and successfully funded a kickstarter project for leggings that would eliminate material waste, recycle plastic bottles, plant trees, and pay workers better wages.

Since then Bewildher has done nearly 100k in sales, recycled over 3000 water bottles and planted nearly 1000 trees, but there's lots more to be done! Our sewing is currently subcontracted to a factory in Vancouver that pays fair wages, and while this is an improvement, our initiative was to see workers earn a living wage. Unfortunately our offer to subsidize the workers wages was rejected. We've researched many factories in Vancouver and found only one that paid a living wage, but they wouldn't contract to a small brand like Bewildher. The only way we can make good on this initiative is to become an in-house operation. We currently have the warehouse space but lack the machinery. 

The faster we can grow Bewildher the sooner we can make our own production house a reality. We have lots of plans to grow the brand and your purchase of our seasons pass will help us put those plans into action - and course we want to keep you in the loop of our progress. With your pass you'll receive a quarterly newsletter with updates on how we're doing and what we're up to.

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