Pack-light capri in "Hot Pink"

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Please read our product description to make sure you know what you are gettin’ your legs into…


  • Hiking and running with a backpack.


  • This style is in production: ships in 1-3 business days.
  • To reduce the risk of material waste from leftover inventory, we only make the sizes that are pre-ordered, in limited quantity to ensure we sell out. Shop our pre-order collection to ensure your size every time!



  • Leggings that feel like shorts: The upper legs are a heavier compression material and the lower legs and waistband are lightweight and very stretchy.
  • Backpack compatible: flat-seam no-zipper waistband for pairing with a pack.
  • High-waisted: Our wide waistband creates a smooth look under tops.
  • Beat the bloat: If you suffer belly bloat during workouts as we do, you will love the lighter and more stretchy material used for the waistband. No more feeling like an encased sausage.
  • No-slip fit: Our heat-activated grippy elastic helps these stay-put power from the start line to the finish line. For best results put these on like a pair of nylons, scrunch them down and work them up, placing the grip elastic where it feels best – on the hipbones. The stretch in the material should feel like it is going around the body and not pulling down from the bottom. If too big they may slip a little prior to warming up; generate some body heat, reset and they will stay put for the rest of your sweat session!
  • Pockets: two side-thigh pockets that will fit a cellphone and trail snacks.
  • Anti-camel toe: Designed by a new mom, these are meant to sit away from this sometimes-sensitive area of the body. Tip: the stay-put elastic is very grippy and these could ride up if the waistband is pulled up too high, just place it lower to prevent this from occurring.
  • Fur-friendly: dirt and pet hair easily brush off this materialhowever claws can get caught in knit materials so be careful as per our T.L.C. instructions below.
  • H20 compatible: These do not sag and get heavy when wet, making them ideal for running in the rain, hot yoga, SUP, under your ski pants and more, plus they dry super fast.
  • How to wear them: this fabric is not squat-proof and best worn with seamless skin color undergarments.
  • Perfect for you: make sure these check all the boxes with our product comparison chart.
  • Inseam Lengths: 19.5” for all sizes
  • Size Chart: click here



  • One Tree PlantedWe plant a tree per order, where it's needed most. A mature tree will sequester 10x more CO2 per year than is created making one pair of our tights.
  • Tell a GreenStory: We've gone carbon neutral throughout our supply chain.
  • Help a Girl In The Wild: $1 per order is donated to help a teenage girl attend camp.
  • 1% For The PlanetAs a member, we’re committed to donating 1% of our total annual revenue, not just profit, to environmental initiatives.
  • Fair wages for garment workers: Our garments are sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada at a female-owned garment factory that pays fair wages.



  • Made from: post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Content: 
    • Bum & upper thigh: 300gsm 88% Recycled Polyester / 12% Spandex
    • Waistband & lower leg: 200gsm 79% Recycled Polyester / 21% Spandex
  • What it does: supports muscles, wicks sweat, prevents odour, UPF 50+ protection and dry quickly.
  • How it looks: semi-glossy, like a pearl



We designed these to be the ultimate all-season legging for our unpredictable coastal weather when you are trying to decide between shorts and pants. These will keep your legs cool yet covered and protected with their UPF 50+ rating.



  • Washing: Hand wash for longest product life, or machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry for longest product life or tumble dry no or low heat. Avoid washing and drying with garments that have velcro and zippers, which could damage the fabric. For best results wash in a wash bag, such as the GuppyFriend.
  • Stain Removal: Remove stains by soaking in water with a scoop of Oxyclean and the recommended water temperature for the type of stain.
  • Product Limitations: Thin and stretchy knit materials are prone to snagging. For a longer product life, avoid crawling on knees, sliding down rocks, and washing or wearing with velcro. Keep away from pet claws as these could create holes if caught in the fabric.

Size Chart for Bewildher

size chart - bottoms