Are you frustrated trying to order from brands with high minimums and over six month delivery times? If yes, you're going to LOVE working with Bewildher!

Our minimum order is low - just 6 items - and our fresh designs deliver in 1 - 2 months depending on when your order is placed.

On the 1st of every month we release new products for pre-order. Pre-sale remain open for the duration of the month and are cut-off on the last day of the month. Orders are then cut, sewn and shipped in 2 - 4 weeks from the cut-off date (for slow-fashion we're actually really, really fast!). Our regular shipping times and return policy apply to wholesale orders.


Please send an email to subject line; WHOLESALE REQUEST with your business location and website. Please note we can only ship wholesale orders within Canada at this time. Once approved you'll receive our wholesale discount code to be used during checkout when ordering online.


  • Must be a small boutique sized¬†business¬†or small chain of boutique size stores.
  • Must be within Canada.


  • If your location is too close to another current retailer we reserve the right to decline your order. We wish to keep the Bewildher brand feeling unique and special. To maintain territory exclusivity you must place a minimum order every 3 months.


Our wholesale price is approximately 50% off MSRP - give or take a dollar as we round our pricing. 

Please note we have a pre-order price for online shoppers that is 25% off MSRP. Customers who pre-order wait 3-7 weeks to receive their purchase.

We understand your price concerns, which is why as soon as pre-orders close we update our online price to match our MSRP price. Any stock we release will be sold online at MSRP.

Furthermore, you do not need to sell at our MSRP price; by law you may sell at a price of your choosing. We will monitor pricing and reserve the right to refuse future orders to anyone pricing more than 25% above or below our MSRP. Please note we will not monitor pricing for stock unsold for more than 90 days - you may place old stock on sale as you wish as we reserve the right to do the same.


Want our advice? We highly encourage you to generate your own pre-orders! At the beginning of the month you can advertise our newest prints to your customers, generate some pre-orders and use those to fund your full order which you'll just need to place before the end of the month cut-off.


All orders must be pre-paid before they will be processed. If payment is not received prior to the print deadline (last day of the month) it will not be processed. Payment may be sent by credit card, paypal or e-transfer to


The wholesale MOQ is 6 pairs with a suggested size curve as follows:

XS x 1       S x 2        M x 2        L x 1


Shipping is free, woohoo! 


Please put your PST number in the comments section when checking out for our bookkeeping records. Your order will not be processed without PST until we have your PST number on file.


We look forward to having you join our slow-fashion journey. Any questions may be sent to

Thanks for choosing Bewildher to brighten up your space, now scroll down to see what's available for pre-order this month!


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