Wouldn't it be great to have custom athletic tights for your team, retail space or organization? We think so too, and we love custom projects!
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? 3 - 4 months
  1. First we'll ask you to brain dump your ideas.
  2. We'll discuss those ideas together and make a plan.
  3. Bewildher will gather a bunch of inspiration and make a couple rough layout ideas.
  4. We'll ask you for your opinion on the layouts and maybe move things around a bit.
  5. From there we will get into the gritty work of turning your idea into something beautiful. Sometimes the outcome is not as expected; most often it's far better. There's a lot of playing around before a magical 'aha' moment happens and the final direction becomes clear.
  6. You can expect many "what do you think?" emails during this process.
  7. This process takes a week or two. Why? You can't force creativity and we get our best ideas when we're away from the drawing board.
  8. Once it's done we'll send it to you so you can make some notes and let us know what you'd like for final tweaks.
  9. Finally, you'll be sent a proof of the final design to sign-off on before we print a sample.


Once the final design is signed-off on we'll print and sew a sample, in any size from our size chart. Sometimes the graphics look different on the body than in a 2D rendering, so we'll make a 3D assessment of the artwork and change anything necessary before production. 

If you will be re-selling the leggings we suggest you use this sample to photograph your custom design and start your marketing. It's a great idea to have a pre-order period where your customers can pre-order your design. You can offer your customers a discount for pre-ordering to encourage them to do it, and this will help you gauge how many pairs to make. The goal is to generate enough pre-orders to pay for your production, so it's risk free for you! Please note any discount you offer is your own, it does not come off your price with us. 

If you have a delivery date in mind please let us know ASAP. We book custom projects way in advance and the day you place your order is not the project start date. The full process takes 3 - 4 months from the project start date, which must be discussed and approved by Bewildher, and is also subject to fabric availability. To book your custom order please click the green "contact us" button bottom right and let us know what you're looking for and when you hope to have your order by. 
You can absolutely choose your fabric and length!
Pearl is our smooth mid-weight compression material.
Feather is our ultra-light compression material.
For length you can choose between full-length and 7/8th. 
The base price for our full-length athletic tights is $127 with the below group discount and additional design elements. The minimum order per design is 20 pairs. Pricing is per design, not per order, ie; if you order 50 pairs in two designs the price would be 20% off, not 40% off. 
Pricing is per design and includes 8 hrs of graphic design time, all communication, a sample, quality inspection, and shipping and handling:
  1. 20+ pairs - 20% Off
  2. 35+ pairs - 30% Off
  3. 50+ pairs - 40% Off (max discount)

Additional design elements:

  • $5: add seamline
  • $5 - $15: add reflective vinyl
  • - $5: capri length
  • Deposit: $200 due upon booking, to secure project start date.
  • Balance is due upon sample approval, prior to ordering materials.
  • Prior to the project start date you may cancel anytime.
  • After project start date you may cancel, however the deposit is non-refundable as it covers design time invested and materials ordered for sampling. 
  • After the production material has been ordered and cut you may cancel less fabric costs and cutting labor. 
  • After the material has been printed you may cancel less the above costs and printing and courier costs. 
  • After the production has begun sewing you may no longer cancel your order. 
Faulty Products:
Our regular return policy for faulty products apply. You will have 60 days to send back any garments that are not up to standard for a refund. We also pro-actively inspect every garment before shipping. Any faulty garments we will first attempt to have fixed. If they cannot be fixed to our high standards we will give you the option to keep the garments at cost and use for promotional purposes or to receive a refund. When opting for a refund we reserve the right to sell those garments at cost in one of our sample sales. This is in-line with our core values to reduce material and financial waste. Thank-you for understanding!