So, why DO they cost more?

So, why DO they cost more?


"Why DO they cost more?"

We get this question often-enough that we've created a detailed checklist (who doesn't love a good checklist?) of the value packed into every pair.

Which boxes can the brands you shop with check off? Which boxes would you willingly deselect to save a buck? 

We've included our own tips for ways to save along the way... 


☑ Firstly, as a Canadian brand our prices are shown in Canadian Dollars.

If you are viewing from the US, Britain, Europe or Australia you can select to view in your local currency on our website.

☑ High-quality.

Quality is in the details, like extra secure stitching at all the high-pressure seam points and making sure the artwork is in the same place on every pair.

☑ High-performance materials.

With features like wicking, anti-bacterial, UPF 50+ protection and quick-drying.

☑ Made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Check the labels of your activewear and they'll likely say nylon or polyester, two of the worst fabrics for the environment. While it currently costs more, by using recycled polyester we're cutting our CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption by over half while diverting waste from landfills and waterways. 

☑ Garment workers paid fair wages.

80% of garment workers are female, the majority working for wages below the poverty line and in unsafe working conditions. Though it costs double the rates of overseas, we choose to manufacture locally in Vancouver, BC, Canada with a female-owned garment factory that pays employees fair wages.

☑ All fabric scraps responsibly recycled.

Fabric scraps are the tiny pieces of fabric leftover that are too small to make anything useful from. Nope, not even scrunchies. These add up to become big garbage bags full of waste that are thrown in the dumpster whilst brands turn a blind eye. We pay a price per pound to have ours responsibly recycled and are investing our time into researching and testing upcycling possibilities, like turning them into stuffing for dog beds.

☑ All carbon emissions offset.

When you shop with us we purchase carbon offset credits to offset all carbon emissions created during manufacturing and shipping.

☑ Limited-edition prints produced in small batches.

Our prints are created by layering photographs, illustrations and patterns that we find and put together. The commercial license fees for each part of the print are expensive and creating the final artwork and prepping it for production takes a long time. Still, we don't believe in mass-production. Producing in small batches for a limited time ensures each print will be either a keepsake or keep secondhand value.

Shop the pre-order collection to save 10% until the deadline and if you love your new leggings, refer a friend to earn store credit towards future purchases. Missed out on a print? Look for it secondhand, we've seen pairs on Poshmark, Ebay and in consignment stores. Not a fan of prints? Shop our styles in solid colors for a lower price!

☑ Incredibly detailed designs.

These aren't your typical cheap fashion leggings. They're problem-solving, technical performance tights for active women who are tired of experiencing discomforts like camel-toe and their tights falling down during workouts or not having pockets big enough for their cellphone. We solve all of these common complaints and even include motivational messages inside the pockets of our printed styles for safe keeping. Looking for a lower price point? Search our website for our less detailed styles in solid colors, like the Just Peachy Tights and the Basecamp Leggings.

☑ Environmentally friendly packaging.

Choose from two environmentally friendly packaging options during checkout, our giftbox with important care information for new customers or our compostable mailer. We've even sourced recycled tape and shipping labels where even the wax backing is recyclable. Yes, we are very mindful of the details, speaking of which...

☑ Above-and-beyond quality control.

We thoroughly inspect each product before shipping to our customers. Yes, every single one. This is something other brands simply don't do. They'll check one or two production samples for major issues, but otherwise make the customer responsible to return faulty items. We know what a hassle that can be, so we inspect every garment to be sure it's perfect before packing it up. Items with minor defects are fixed and put in our "Shop Defects, Get a Discount Collection."

Are you thinking some of these are no-brainers that all brands should be required to do? We agree and if they did, those brands would cost more, too. Our hope and something we aim to actively campaign for is government regulations that will penalize brands not taking these measures and incentives for those that are.

For now, we know we could compromise on our values and charge less to sell more and increase our profit margin. Every business and marketing course is based on that formula, but as active, outdoorsy women promoting activewear to enjoy a certain quality of life reliant on the environment, it doesn't sit well with us to take advantage of people and the planet.

You can't put a price on peace of mind and a wise person once said "the value of something is the amount of life you're willing to exchange for it." Our prices are what we need to charge to stick to our values, cover our costs and have it be worthwhile for our team.

If you can afford it, awesome! Your purchase will trickle down our supply chain and into our community in support of so many great initiatives.

If you have to save up for it, we feel you. Our own wish list is getting pretty long, filled with things we'll know we'd cherish for a lifetime.

If it's not in the budget no way no how, enter our no-purchase necessary giveaways and cross your fingers. Our last newsletter karma contest winner had a 1/30 chance of winning, and 100% of our giveaway winners have said "wow, I never win anything!" You. could. be. next.


For more information on why the above initiatives matter, check out these resources whom we're inspired by every day:

  1. The Clean Clothes Campaign
  2. Remake
  3. The Plastic Bank 
  4. One Tree Planted <-- we've planted 10,600 trees.
  5. 1% For The Planet <-- we're an active member.






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