Welcome Neshe', our guest Health & Wellness Educator

Welcome Neshe', our guest Health & Wellness Educator

What could be more essential to becoming wilder than fundamental health and wellness?


In response to honest talks with members of our community regarding the circulation of misleading health and wellness information on social media, we’re making a commitment to ensure the health and wellness information Bewildher shares online and on social media is from certified educators and peer-reviewed sources.


Meet Neshe’ Conley, MPH, CHES


Over the next month, she’ll be educating our community on how to look for, share, and receive credible health and wellness information online and on social media.


Neshe’ Conley is a public health practitioner and a certified health education specialist. She uses public health theories, strategies, and health and wellness education and research to create health and wellness programs for individuals, communities, and employers to create healthier lifestyles for those who need guidance.


With her three years of experience, she created a mental health program for a nationally known non-profit organization, five wellness programs for employers, and created health programs for 4 communities within the state of Texas. She continues to promote health education within local schools and provides accurate and correct health information on social media platforms.


Neshe’ is passionate about health and wellness education because of her upbringing. She was born and raised in a low-income community in Philadelphia, PA, and didn’t have the knowledge or resources to live a healthy lifestyle. So as an adult, she decided to change the perception of individuals that had similar experiences and educated them on how they can also be healthy within their means and resources available to them. One of her goals within the next 5 years is to open health and wellness centers around the world that provide health education classes, seminars, clinics, and health programming for all individuals that need the assistance.


Stay tuned for our #wellnesswednesday blog post where we'll kick things off and in the meantime discover helpful health and wellness content on her Instragram feed @embracehcn_healthylifestyles and learn more about her health programs at www.embracehcn.com


Post note: 

Neshe' is a paid content-contributor. While our budget for paid content is currently minimal, if you are a certified instructor in the health, wellness and fitness industry interested in being a paid-contributor, please feel welcome to let us know, we are building our contacts list.

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