Yoga Studio Spotlight; Yogacara in Whistler, BC, Canada

Yoga Studio Spotlight; Yogacara in Whistler, BC, Canada

Located in the heart of Whistler Village, Yogacara offers students a calming and convenient space to fit their practice into a busy workday or after hitting the slopes.

Emily Kane opened Yogacara in October 2012 and has made sure to offer a range of classes to suit a mixture of abilities and create a warm, welcoming environment to all. When sitting on the mat, the candles, mountain views, and beautiful artwork of Buddha all come together to create a peaceful haven for yoga students to enjoy during their practice.

Here is why the classes at Yogacara are so special that they will leave you feeling like you might just set up camp and stay in the studio forever...

First of all, there are a variety of class styles scheduled each day. Students are able to choose between the energetic flow of Vinyasa, the balance of body and mind in Hatha, the deep stretches of Yin and the ultimate relaxation of the Restorative classes. It’s a great opportunity to try out all of these styles and to understand how each serves you so that you can pick and choose which you need on any particular day. Classes are delivered with a traditional, holistic approach that really does nurture the mind, body and soul. For example, the use of breathing techniques and spiritual readings at the beginning and end of classes transforms the practice beyond the physical level.

The skilled teachers at Yogacara are able to give the students close attention due to the small class sizes. Each teacher is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and each offers a unique style that is sure to enhance their students’ practice. They all share a passion for yoga and a real commitment to the students. The small class sizes create a sense of community by allowing students to get to know each other and their teacher very well. There is also a tea dispenser and snack table at the back of the studio which gives the chance to socialize at the end of class

In addition to yoga classes, Yogacara offers so many opportunities for exploration and growth through workshops and courses. From workshops o Gut Health (February 2020), to Shamanic Journey (December 2019), to Full Moon Meditation (January 2020), to Reiki courses and Yoga Teacher Training beginning next Spring, there really is no limit to where your practice can take you with this studio.

Come say hello at Yogacara, we look forward to meeting you!

Follow @yogacarawhistler on Instagram and reserve a spot in class.

Located at 4433 Sundial Pl #205, Whistler, BC, Canada

T; (604) 935-2020

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