Below you will find a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding orders, shipping, returns and more. If you cant find the answer you're seeking, please fill out the contact form with your inquiry.

When it comes to online shopping you can never be too informed, so please take a moment to read the below and check all our handy links, and note these will be updated from time to time as we grow! 



When will my order be ready?

Stock items: ships in 1 - 3 business days.

Arriving soon: please see the product title in your order confirmation or visit our expected ship dates page for the estimated ship date.

Pre-orders: please check the product title in your order confirmation for the pre-order deadline and mark your calendar approximately one and a half months (1 1/2 months) from this date. You can also check for updates on our expected ship dates page.

Be patient:

Please be patient and know that if we expect a long delay we will notify you with options. Clothing manufacturing is a many step process and from time to time we experience short delays, so just know we are always working hard behind the scenes to ship pre-orders as soon as humanly possible.

Why can't we guarantee these dates? Or rather... why don't we?

Threatening to cancel or penalize late orders has a long history in the fashion industry of resulting in unethical hours and working environments. The culture in clothing manufacturing is already to work fast for long hours. We know our factory is doing their best without us making threats, so please be patient.

Where is my garment in the pre-order process?

Still want an update? We update the expected ship dates page each week so you can live track your order in making!



Why do you charge for shipping?

We know there is nothing more frustrating than paying for shipping! However, shipping is a MAJOR expense for small businesses. As a community centered business with many local customers, we don’t feel it’s fair to inflate our prices to build in the cost of shipping. Instead, we take a hit to offer flat rates a few dollars below what it actually costs us with Canada Post. To feel better about paying for shipping, try comparing the time, gas and travel expense of visiting your favorite shops in person.

Can I ship the stock item(s) separate from my pre-order?

To qualify for free shipping on orders over $200 CAD, all items must ship together. Please understand our competitive pricing for high-quality activewear, made as sustainable as possible, doesn't leave room to include shipping in the price of individual items and items with a discount already applied. We need to be able to cover our costs and value our work. The price difference between pre-order and stock items is not more profit on our part, this difference is based on financing interest and carrying the liability of inventory. Simply put, stock items cost us more, too. In fact, every time you buy a t-shirt off a rack full of shirts, you're paying a projected percentage of the ones that won't sell at full price, like a built-in insurance policy for brands... and all the more reason to pre-order if you can afford to wait. You are saving money and saving the planet!

But hey, we get it, sometimes you need new stuff stat! If you have already placed your order and would like the in-stock items shipped now, please let us know you would like to purchase a shipping label.

I placed a pick-up order, when will I get it?

As soon as your order is ready for pick-up, we will email you with instructions. Please see processing times above.

Can’t find ‘delivered’ parcel?

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you have not received it, please investigate right away as we only have 3 business days to open an investigation with Canada Post and be able to refund or resend your package (this is based on Canada Post's policy, not us!)

First check your mail box or post office box for a parcel card. If there is no parcel card, call or visit your local post office with the tracking number so they can check. If Canada post delivers to your door, check safe places they could have left it... including with the neighbors!

If the above fails to find the package...

  • Contact us immediately to let us know. Canada Post only allows 3 business days to open an investigation for a package that says delivered.
  • We will need your phone number to be able to open a service ticket.
  • Canada Post will contact you before they start an investigation, so please be reachable by telephone.
  • If Canada Post cannot reach you, they will not honor the insurance coverage of the lost package and we will not be able to refund/reship the items.

Why does my order confirmation state emissions are offset from China?

As a partner with Greenstory, when you shop with us you'll receive an email confirming your purchase was carbon neutral, but we don't stop with our supply chain emissions*. We'll also plant a tree with One Tree Planted to help sequester shipping emissions for generations to come!

* Our garments are ethically printed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, using material sustainably derived from recycled plastic bottles, that comes to us from Taiwan, via our local supplier in Delta, Canada. Taiwan has one of the best recycling systems in the world, but also one of the highest carbon footprints. We're helping combat this by offsetting the carbon emissions, equivalent to the manufacturing of each garment with Greenstory.



Do you ever restock prints?

Most prints are limited edition and we will not make more than 500 copies, a fairly low number when compared to offshore garment factory minimum order quantities that start in the thousands. We have a special relationship with our local Canadian factory that allows us to produce in boutique size quantities and keep each print special, not mass produced.

We will restock some designs up until the 500 pieces/print limit, with the exceptions being:

  1. Prints that support an artist/photographer: These will be restocked indefinitely based on popular demand/permission to reprint, to support the artist/photographer.
  2. Prints designed in honor of a loved one. These will be restocked indefinitely based on popular demand in loving memory. 

Since availability on our site is in constant motion, it is possible that a product that was previously sold out may come available through a return, exchange or restock. We invite you to keep checking the website for updates.

Do you have a wait list?

Yes! If your size is sold out, please feel welcomed to email us with the style, print name and size. If the item comes available through a return, exchange or restock we will contact our waiting list customers in order of inquiry.

How do I make sure I don’t miss out?

Missing out can be so frustrating, and a frequent occurrence with Bewildher because we produce in small batches to avoid material waste. If you see something you love in your size, we recommend snatching it up before it sells out.

To never miss a new style, here’s two action steps you can take:

  1. Sign up to our mailing list. We will let you know what’s new each month and send a reminder before pre-orders close. Just scroll down to the footer of our website, prove you’re not a robot and then you’re in ;)
  2. Check our website early each month for new print drops and make sure to order before the end of the month when pre-sales close.

If it’s already sold out, you may contact us to join the waitlist, as detailed above.



How do I process a return or exchange?

We've got a dedicated page for this one, as we our values of practicing in an ethical and sustainable manner extend to all elements of our practice. Be sure to read all the details carefully so we can meet your expectations fairly.

When will I get my refund?

Once your return has been received at our HQ, it will be processed in a timely manner*. You will then receive an email notification advising of your options.

Please note that refunded amounts can take 5-10 business days to appear on your original method of payment.

*Delays are to be expected during holidays and current COVID-19 protocol. Please allow up to 14 days from parcel card delivery.



Are there fit differences across styles?

Got a pair and wondering how they compare to your next purchase? We’ve created a comprehensive page of information and stellar graphics to illustrate a product comparison of our different styles. You can also check out our product reviews to see how each style looks on real bodies!

Don't see your size or expected fit preference?

We have recently undertaken a new project to collect sizing from EVERY body. As we add more styles and try fabrics with different amounts of stretch, a tremendous amount of trial and error is involved in pattern making. Its a time consuming process of arranging fit sessions with women of many different sizes and shapes to perform an intensive fit study so we've created on online form for anyone willing to help out. Please click the following link if you'd like to contribute! All responses anonymous.

Maternity Wear?

We would love to support the few requests we have for growing wild women! While we don’t have a maternity specific legging, our leggings feature super soft and stretchy waistbands. Some also have a grippy elastic that sits on the hips so even with the waistband folded down, they won’t slip. Many a pregnant lady, including our founder, has worn the following styles to almost full term:

  • The Run Wild tights - size up for comfort. Has a light stretchy waistband and grip elastic for staying up.
  • The Basecamp legging - stick to your size. Soft and stretchy. No grip elastic.



How do I care for my product?

Follow our T.L.C Guidelines featured on the product descriptions. For laundering we recommend using the earth-friendly brand Eco Living Club laundry strips. They're budget friendly, zero waste and free of harmful chemicals. 

How do you ensure quality production?

We take pride in creating quality activewear, however despite our very best efforts, manufacturer's defects cannot be completely avoided. We check for these carefully before shipping orders, including fit, print and sewing defects. We ship only the best quality products to our customers, the rest are marked down for sample sale.

I think there's an issue with my product stitching...

One thing that can happen, that would be impossible for us to check for because there are thousands in every pair, is a skipped stitch that could start to unravel. If you notice a thread coming loose STOP! Do not pull on it. It's a quick fix if left alone. While we will accept returns for faulty garments, however a much more sustainable solution is to empower yourself with the skills to sew it, click here to learn how. It’s a quick fix and will save the frustration of waiting on an exchange!



Yes, we have an ambassador program for industry professionals. We're pretty proud of our creativity and excited to be able to give all the self-empowered women we connect with a fair opportunity to earn product and payment when they promote their genuine love of Bewildher. We've thoughtfully created our Adventurista Partnership Program to be able to say "yes" to all applications that meet our criteria. In order to be fair and respectful of the different levels of effort women have invested into their professional career, our program has tiered levels which can be advanced on.

If this sounds like you, please learn more and sign-up here.

Do you send out free products for influencers and/or bloggers?

In alignment with our slow-fashion values, Bewildher does not consider the sending of any products as free*, but rather for a fair exchange of value. We only consider sending products and upfront payment to adventurista applications that meet our top level of criteria ~ elite athletes, top coaches, professional product reviewers and publications. Always, a genuine relationship must be established first. We do not pay for false promotion, ever. Asking our adventuristas to invest in our product is also our way of weeding out less than genuine inquiries. We know our top supporters will have no trouble promoting our product for payment via our referral tracking software. Learn more about our opportunities by visiting our adventurista page.

* Free products are not really free, someone is paying for them.

Can I earn store credit?

Hey Wilderness Badass, want to earn store credit when you refer your friends? Sign-up to become one of our badassadors! Your friends get 10% off their FIRST order with Bewildher, you get commission and you both get to rock your Bewildher leggings like the wild women you are.



    Please note that all discount codes and promotional codes do not apply on sales items, nor can they be combined with any other discount codes.

    If you received a discount code and/or a promotional code and are experiencing any problems applying the code to your order, please “contact us” before you place the order.

    Can I use my badassador code for personal purchases?

    Sorry, your badassador code is for giving to friends and family only, personal use will be blocked by the referral program software. These codes are given as incentive to refer new customers to our brand. When friends and family use your code they will receive 10% off their first order and you will earn 10% in store credit.

    Got more than one code?

    Regarding discount codes, our website provider is set up for one discount code per order, only. While we understand the desire to get an amazing deal, we need to be able to cover our costs while keeping to our slow fashion values. Combining codes makes the price too low for us to operate a sustainable and ethical business. In an effort to make slow fashion activewear more accessible, our online stock prices are already 20% below fair market value, and pre-orders a further 15% below that. Still, it’s expensive. Not being able to afford the price tag of something is frustrating, but on the flipside, grossly underpricing in order to make a sale is simply not sustainable. Price pressure from consumers is what led to fast-fashion; it has a trickle-down negative effect on the economy. Low prices result in decreased quality and unethical wages that can be felt the world over!

    Still, we try to offer options for accessibility, such as Sezzle, our installment payment option at an interest-free rate. We also do sample and markdown sales every now and then where you can snag a near-perfect item at close to cost price. Our founder hand sews all our garments needing repairs to help find them forever homes!



    For all interested parties, please read our Wholesale Information Page, and then Submit an application. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to processing your application and empowering your customers to be wilder!



    Is your packaging sustainable?

    We choose to pack our pieces in packaging that’s just as circular and high-quality as our production, with the help of a local lavender grower, recycled box manufacturer and noissue Mailers, Stickers!

    We offer two eco-friendly packaging options for you to choose from at checkout; a recyclable gift-box with helpful care information printed inside, great for new customers, or a plant-derived compostable mailer. You can read more in our blog.

    Are leggings made out of recycled plastic bottles safe for the environment and our health?

    Yes, our materials are sustainable and completely safe. A plastic bottle possesses the same chemical composition as polyester. We use polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, which is the least polluting textile available for activewear with the performance capabilities of a synthetic material. These include wicking, anti-bacterial, quick-dry and shape retention. Natural fibres just can’t compete or holdup. In clothing manufacturing, recycled polyester is a pro-environmental choice. Virgin polyester is derived from petroleum, a highly polluting resource that requires a great deal of energy for its production. By using material made from recycled plastic bottles, we reduce toxic emissions generated by incinerators and thereby improve air quality. We also help give value to something that would otherwise be viewed as garbage and end up in landfills or worse, the ocean. When plastic has a return value, people living in those countries where plastic pollution is the biggest problem, are motivated to pick it up and return it. Read more about how the Plastic Bank is helping stop plastic pollution the world over.

    Still, recycling plastic bottles into pants creates a small amount of carbon emissions, about 5lbs per pair of leggings. To more than offset this, Bewildher plants a tree per order with One Tree Planted, where they are deemed needed most in the world. Each tree, once fully mature, will sequester approximately 48lbs of CO2 per year. We also give back 10 cents per purchase to carbon reducing projects directly correlated with our supply chain, via Green Story.

    The yarns for the fabrics we use are Oeko-tex certified which ensures they are free of chemicals harmful to human health and we have these documents on file. That said, we cannot currently claim our garments are Oeko-tex certified as each facility (yarns, knitting, dying, and manufacturing) must each separately apply for certification for each individual item. This certification costs  thousands of dollars per item and as we work with small local suppliers and are a small business ourselves, it's simply not possible at this time. Think of it this way - if a farmer used certified organic seeds to grow apples and certified all natural sprays (no harmful chemicals) but was too small a farmer to afford organic certification, are the apples any less organic? That's where we're at.

    What happens when there are no more recycled plastic bottles to recycle into pants? We celebrate!!! What an amazing day! Then, we look into the most sustainable options for activewear available at that time. It may just be virgin polyester. The earth is incredibly regenerative and researchers have found we don’t need to stop consumption, we just need to really slow it down. We believe the most sustainable garment is the one you want to wear everyday and that will last the longest. Polyester is a performance material of choice for most active women because garments made from it look new and last for a long time. In the coming years, we will be researching the full comparison of natural vs synthetic fibre activewear; ie, what’s the carbon offset of a natural garment you need 5 pairs of to last as long as 1 pair of polyester pants? These are the kinds of questions we need to ask ourselves.

    What is ChitoSante?

    ChitoSanté is an environmentally friendly treatment made from post-consumption shrimp and crab shells (EPA Certified). Many activewear brands use it as a natural finish for leggings, capris, shorts and bras, because it offers natural moisture wicking and anti-bacterial elements. It also adds a soft hand to the fabric.

    Shellfish Allergies?

    We have great news: according to the manufacturer’s information that we have on file, ChitoSanté is free from allergens, as the protein has been removed during the sterilization process. If you would like more information, here is a link to the papers.

    Where do you manufacture?

    71 km from our HeadQuarters in Squamish you’ll find our production team in Vancouver! You can read more about our manufacturing choices and processes here.

    What can I do about plastic microfibers?

    Studies have showing the everyday laundering of synthetic garments, like most activewear is made from, are a significant contributor to plastic pollution in the ocean. Please consider washing all your synthetic activewear in a GuppyFriend wash bag and/or attaching a microplastics filter to your washing machine, such as the Filtrol. They trap 79%+ of microfibres which can be placed in the garbage for safer* disposal.

    * We are actively researching the full lifecycle of disposing of microplastic fibres in the garbage. Our goal is to find out what happens to them at the landfill.



    Can I purchase a Gift Card?
    You sure can! Head to this page for an e-gift card (zero footprint!) We have included smaller gift card amounts for those of you who would like to help support us during the Covid-19 pandemic, but don't see your size in a product that interests you. Our gift cards do not expire and will be usable at any future date.