What are Thermal leggings:

Composition: 200gsm, 86% polyester / 14% spandex quick-dry wicking thermal 
Washing: Cold water soak or hand wash with eco friendly detergent. Hang to dry or turn inside out and air dry only. Cold water soak and hang to dry before first wear to set the dye.

Find out what our customers think:

Maeve on our Passion Pit Thermal leggings

"Soft and amazing" 

"So soft. If I must wear pants, I'm happy to wear these. They're light and breathable but do the trick to keep me warm even when I've been sweating or out in the elements. And they look awesome!

Thank you Bewildher for finally checking all the boxes in one pair of pants: they look great, feel wonderful, and fulfill their promise to be thermal and moisture wicking. Amazing."

Annette NG on our Pearl, Thermal and Feather leggings

"I got the leggings today.  Both my pair and the one I got my boyfriend’s daughter.  I love them!  They are so comfortable!  Can’t wait to run in them! Btw, wanted to mention the capris I have, have held up really well in hot yoga.  I normally wear shorts because I sweat profusely but decided to try your capris and they did not feel too hot and grossly sweaty!"

Rae Abbot on our leggings

"I LOVE the leggings. They are mainstay in my wardrobe. 

They have the fluorescent block on one of the legs. 
The only challenge with them is that the seam around the leg was a bit tight so I had to loosen it a bit. But otherwise, I love them and wear them a few times a week. No pilling, wash up great and I love how the waste is not tight."