No-slip fit: Our heat-activated grippy elastic helps these stay-put power from the start line to the finish line.

Wear where?

For best results put these on like a pair of nylons, scrunch them down and work them up, placing the grip elastic where it feels best – on the hipbones. The stretch in the material should feel like it is going around the body and not pulling down from the bottom.

If you're not moving your body they wont stay up! Huh?

If too big they may slip a little prior to warming up; generate some body heat, reset and they will stay put for the rest of your sweat session!

No-slip fit is not:

A miracle gripper that negates leggings that are a bit too big:

This component is to ensure your leggings stay put where we've fit them too - when you're moving, shaking and taking on those trails.

Please measure your waist, hips and inseam as per the how to measure instructions on our size chart. Our bodies and old leggings change over time, making anything in our closet not the most accurate guide for fit. If you can, please measure before each online order!

Make 'em last longer by:

Avoiding activities that could damage the fabric and wear off the surface print

Pulling them up carefully, like nylons.

Avoiding the urge to yank the seams.

Washing in a wash bag, and never with velcro zippers

Hanging to dry

Never leave them all sweaty and gross in your gym bag for long periods of time

Stay safe, be wild,

Nadine at Bewildher