Manuela Lucia Ebensberger

Manuela Lucia Ebensberger

If you want to meet Manuela then you'll have to go searching for her amongst mother nature.

Raised in the dolomites she spent her days forest bathing with her older sister, in her words "climbing trees, rolling down the hill, barefoot whenever possible, returning home covered in mud." Crediting her love for mother nature from these experiences and moments she holds dear to her heart.

Fast forward to the academic years, realizing that her style of learning was far from textbook based she opted to travel with zero destination in mind. As per the classic road trip it began in Australia, with a cheap car, no plan and continued with solitary journeys. Both figuratively and literally, often not talking to a single soul for days.

"The vastness of the nightsky in the outback, the energy of untouched million of years old rainforests, the beauty of the sunsets and sunrises, the miracle of swimming in the ocean lit up by bioluminescent plankton at night...." Words can't describe what only her eyes and soul captured and these observations she wishes to share with us all.

A lifelong student of meditation, she attests the first step to a buddhist monastery where she spent 10 days in silence meditating for 8 hour days, including yoga practice guided by a fellow traveler.

An ocean girl at heart, Manuela loves the mountains but aspires to find the quietest town where she can hone in her surfing and yoga practice. Surfing was another treasure collected on her travels in Portugal and finding the alignment with yoga has since completed a YTT accreditation.

In the current climate you'll find her at 'home' in Italy and playing in the mountains.

Follow her on instagram @lucia_means_light
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