Polly Moody

Polly Moody

She's happiest moving mountains and wandering trails in pursuit of stellar views. When she isn’t fulfilling her role as a kindergarten teacher, you'll find her chasing after her kids, training for her next road race and coaching runners with her “girl, you can do anything!” attitude.   

Based in Alberta, she’s a city girl with her heart in the mountains. You will find her both blazing urban roads and pathways in pursuit of personal bests, and venturing off the beaten path towards toward mountain views on hiking, trail running, backpacking adventures.  

She shows up as her authentic self. She’s no stranger to sharing allll her 'ugly race photos' in case you need a laugh and a reminder not to take yourself too seriously.   Documenting her recovery from recent knee surgery shows Polly is a 'positive self talk' personality type, that keeps moving forward facing new challenges head on. 

3 words that resonate with her: Fierce, persist, gratitude

Connect with Polly 

Instagram: @mommytosubthree

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