Sustainable Packaging: Put Your Best Legs Forward

Sustainable Packaging: Put Your Best Legs Forward

Not just a pretty box: That's a wrap!

When it comes to sportswear, comfort is always of top priority, as well as good quality. Whether you’re running trails or working on your headstands on the yoga mat, any aspiring outdoorsy women deserve high-quality sportswear that helps put their best legs forward. And as we continue building a more circular future for the planet, another aspect that’s of equal importance is sustainability! Eco-consciousness and circularity have been on the rise in all areas of fashion, and there’s no reason that our packaging should be left out of the movement.

Supply Chain Transparency

We're on a slow-fashion mission to make a change in our industry, particularly in promoting transparency on the manufacturing process that goes behind each piece of activewear sewn. As a final touch, we choose to pack our pieces in packaging that’s just as circular and high-quality as our production, with the help of a local lavender grower, recycled box manufacturer and noissue Mailers, Stickers!

We offer two eco-friendly packaging options for you to choose from at checkout; a recyclable gift-box with helpful care information printed inside, great for new customers, or a plant-derived compostable mailer.

Besides using recycled plastic bottles for our fabric, we regularly partner with other sustainably-minded companies to continue reducing our carbon footprint. We opt to use local delivery services to consolidate those transfers from our factory 71km from HQ.


Environmental and Social Initiatives

It's essential that we minimize and offset our supply chain and shipping emissions as well, which is why use recycled polyester and support Greenstory's projects for renewable wind turbine energy, forest protection and solar panel cook stoves in developing communities. 

To go even further with our mission, Bewildher's also joined the Eco-Alliance community at noissue, where Nadine and team are able to contribute to climate action initiatives with every order that benefit areas of need. By joining the Eco-Alliance, Bewildher stands alongside other small brands that share the same focus on circularity, and are doing their part for the planet one step at a time.

Eco-friendly Packaging

To wrap it all up, we offer two eco-friendly packaging options for you to choose from at checkout; a recyclable gift-box with helpful care information printed inside, great for new customers, or a plant-derived compostable mailer. 

Our recyclable gift box has care information printed on the inside that you can follow for ALL activewear. Cut out the bottom and tack it up in your laundry room - inspirational art on the reverse for when you've got your T.L.C dialled in.

The tissue paper your leggings come beautifully wrapped in is also recyclable, as well as the brown outer kraft paper. To top it all off, we've even sourced recycled tape with which to secure your parcel on it's journey and even the white postage sticker is recyclable too! Phew.

Packaging FAQ's

Is that pretty diamond box recyclable?

It certainly is! So be sure to place it in your home recycling if you dont keep it for re-gifting purposes. The box is manufactured in our custom shape local to us in Vancouver and made from 60% recycled materials.

What makes noissue Compostable Mailers eco-friendly?

Noissue Compostable Mailers are made with materials like the biodegradable polymer PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate) and the plant-based PLA (polylactic acid), which takes 65% less energy to produce than regular plastic. We also print these mailers using soy-based ink to keep them completely compostable!

Check out this article or watch this video for a quick run-down on how to dispose of your noissue Compostable Mailer once you're ready. If you're not ready to say goodbye just yet, you can also reuse your noissue Compostable Mailer. It comes with 2 adhesive strips* to enable easy reuse and to make the most out of each mailer.

*Disclosure - The pull-away liners that cover the adhesive strips on the Compostable Mailers are not compostable and will need to be discarded separately. We have recahed out to noissue regarding this and they have confirmed they are in R&D for an alternative.

How do noissue Compostable Mailers compare to traditional plastic mailers?

In addition to being way better for the environment, noissue Stock Compostable Mailers' unique stretch helps distribute weight over the entire bag, making them durable and more tear-resistant than regular plastic mailers. They're also 100% waterproof. We're from the pacific northwest - sometimes those postage runs are a battle of the elements!

What makes noissue Stickers eco-friendly?

noissue Stickers are made out of acid-free paper that's certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC). They're also printed with soy-based ink and a non-toxic adhesive, which means they're totally recyclable and compostable when it's time to get unstuck.

Are noissue Stickers vegan?

Our noissue Stickers are vegan! While they're not certified vegan products, we're happy to confirm that no animal products are used to produce them.

How do I dispose of my compostable mailer?

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