Hello! Bewildher is growing quickly and we need to hire a... 


More than just a customer service agent, your role is to be the kind of customer service agent you dream of having answer your inquiry.

There's customer service agents that respond like robots, and then there's agents that respond like they really care about the customer, and then there's you. An agent who really cares about the customer, the brand and making the world a better place. Whenever there is a problem you take a step back to see the big picture and correct not just the problem at hand, but the source of the problem at it's core. We're not a customer is always right kinda brand, we're the kinda brand that understands people sometimes make mistakes, and we work with them to find a solution and provide insight and educational information.


  • Be an expert in customer products and policies
  • Answer customer emails
  • Problem solve
  • Manage customer orders
  • Process orders and print packing slips for the packers
  • Send out notifications
  • Process returns


The successful applicant must be available to work at Bewildher's office in downtown Squamish, British Columbia.


Ideally 3 mornings per week.

If interested in more hours there is also an opportunity to help pack orders.


    • Computer skills: Will be using gmail to respond to customer emails and Shopify to manage orders.
    • Communication: Excellent written and oral communication including emotional intelligence, cohesion and clarity, friendly, confident, empathetic, respectful, open-minded, adjusts tone of voice and able to give higher level constructive and compassionate responses.
    • Problem solving: When there's a flood, you don't just start mopping the floor, you turn off the tap first, and after cleaning up, you find out who left it running and make sure they know what went wrong and how it's been fixed.
    • Professional: on-time, productive, focused, excellent personal hygiene (we will be in each others Covid bubbles), appropriate dress (work casual), appropriate workplace behavior, sets good example for the team.


    • Conscious; aware of and responding to environmental and ethical issues.
    • Intuitive; listens to, communicates and acts on gut feelings.
    • Connected; collaborates, rather than competes, with organizations and people who share our goals and vision.
    • Empowered; helps self and others grow stronger and better able to stand up for and claim human rights.
    • Goodness; Kindness and generosity. Serves the greater good of humanity. Sense of satisfaction when able to help others.
    • Wild; unrestrained in the pursuit of what makes you feel joy.


    • Please submit cover letter and resume to hello@bewildher.com
    • Please include 2 professional and 1 personal reference on your resume.
    • Applications that meet our requirements will be invited to interview. Skills testing questions will be asked during the interview process.

    Thank you for applying!