Hello! Bewildher is growing quickly and we need to hire an... 

INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE OPERATOR for ACTIVEWEAR GARMENTS; Small scale production, sample and prototype sewing.

Bewildher is a small owner-operated brand designing and developing slow-fashion activewear and making ecommerce sales online. Our highly creative and visionary founder is looking for the ideal candidate to help Bewildher produce garments in-house. This next step for the brand will be based on finding the right individual with a high level of garment manufacturing experience as an industrial sewing machine operator of knit garments interested in sewing small scale productions, samples and prototypes.

They need to have a high level of knowledge of all sewing machines and equipment for manufacturing commercial activewear garments including set-up, threading and maintenance of flatlock, cover stitch, straight stitch, bar tack and iron/press machines.


This is a unique opportunity for someone with extensive experience as an industrial sewing machine operator of activewear garments to work for a small growing brand where they will be head of production sewing, at first personally sewing small scale productions and then building and mentoring a team of sewing machine operators as required. They will also work closely with the designer to prototype and sample new designs, with the opportunity for creative input when it comes to garment construction and finishing.


The successful applicant must be available to work at Bewildher's head office in downtown Squamish, British Columbia.


35-40 hours per week


Garment Manufacturing Set-up and Maintenance 

  • Able and willing to share extensive knowledge of industrial sewing machines and equipment.
  • Assist in the selection of industrial sewing machines and equipment for in-house garment manufacturing and sample sewing, including flat lock, cover stitch, straight stitch, serge, bar tack, and iron/press machines.
  • Able to the set-up, thread, set tensions, and perform regular care and maintenance of all machines. Knows when to schedule machine services and repairs.
  • Keep garment manufacturing area organized, clean and productive.

Small Scale Production

  • Be able to review tech packs and notes on reference samples in order to accurately sew small scale productions of activewear garments including leggings and tops.
  • Able to accurately piece together panels using the necessary sewing machines to create high-quality, flawless finished garments.
  • Proactively and immediately fixes any garments with visible flaws and improves methods and attention to detail to prevent further mistakes.
  • Performs tests prior to sewing production garments to ensure threading, tension and skills are all ready for the task.
  • Asks questions and ensures a high-level of understanding and confidence before proceeding with sewing production garments. Never proceeds when there is any level of doubt. 

Prototype and Sample Sewing

  • Works closely with the designer to cut and sew prototype and sample garments following tech sketches and notes on reference garments.
  • Provides creative input when it comes to garment construction and finishing details.
  • Dedicated and passionate about learning new construction and garment finishing methods. 
  • Posses a high-level of activewear garment construction knowledge and is able to assist the designer in determining optimal garment construction and finishing details.

Hiring and Mentoring Sewing Machine Operators 

  • As the brand grows, assists in hiring new sewing machine operators.
  • Trains and mentors new sewing machine operators to Bewildher's high standards of garment construction.
  • Learns new hires areas of interest and communicates this to the designer to ensure new hires are being developed into roles they are passionate about.

Safety Experience and Training

  • Has experience in and regularly reviews safety training in the use of all machines and equipment.
  • Shares safety knowledge with others and ensures everyone adheres to safety measures.
  • Communicates any unsafe use of machines and equipment to the designer.
  • Able and willing to participate in safety training as may be required by Bewildher to receive certain garment manufacturing certifications.


    • Sewing machine operating experience; flatlock, cover stitch, serge, straight stitch, bar tack, iron/press.
    • Sewing machine maintenance; set-up, threading, tension setting, cleaning, oiling, etc. 
    • High-quality garment construction; flawless construction and finishing with a keen eye for spotting flaws and proactive nature to fix them and improve methods.
    • Exceptional attention to detail; thread colors, correct care labels and trims etc.
    • Scheduling; follows production and sample sewing schedules, listens to direction on priorities and communicates any doubt in ability to meet important deadlines so support can be arranged to ensure deadlines are met.
    • Organization; keeps all garment panels and trims organized in a way to ensure efficient and correct production and sample sewing. 
    • Communication: Excellent written and oral communication; is friendly, confident, respectful, open-minded, adjusts tone of voice and asks questions whenever in doubt. 
    • Professional: on-time, productive, focused, excellent personal hygiene, appropriate dress (work casual), appropriate workplace behavior, sets good example for the brand.


    • Conscious; aware of and responding to environmental and ethical issues.
    • Intuitive; listens to, communicates and acts on gut feelings.
    • Connected; collaborates, rather than competes, with organizations and people who share our goals and vision.
    • Empowered; helps self and others grow stronger and better able to stand up for and claim human rights.
    • Goodness; Kindness and generosity. Serves the greater good of humanity. Sense of satisfaction when able to help others.
    • Wild; unrestrained in the pursuit of what makes you feel joy.


    • Please submit cover letter and resume to nadine@bewildher.com
    • Please include 2 professional and 1 personal reference on your resume.
    • Applications that meet our requirements will be invited to interview.
    • Successful applicant should bring examples of activewear garments they've personally sewn to the interview.
    • Skills test will be required during the interview that will include reading a tech pack and notes on a reference garment and sewing a sample. 

    Thank you for applying!