Hello! Bewildher is growing quickly and we need to hire an... 


Bewildher is a small owner-operated brand designing and developing slow-fashion activewear and making ecommerce sales online. Our highly creative and visionary founder needs an assistant who is super organized and enjoys managing people to help keep things running smoothly. If you love creating and maintaining checklists, managing people, administration type tasks and getting to do a little bit of everything this could be the kind of fun job you jump out of bed for. 


As the operations assistant manager you will assist the brand owner-operator in all operations related tasks as summarized in the responsibilities below. As a small business there will be additional responsibilities related to the running of a small clothing brand, as can be reasonably expected from time to time, like running to the store for more hangers and coffee runs to keep our faces off our keyboards during prolonged staring at spreadsheets. 


The successful applicant must be available to work at Bewildher's office in Squamish, British Columbia. As of November 1st we'll be operating out of a room in the Art House downtown Squamish, next to Inbiz.


16 to 20 hours per week to start. This could be two full days or four half days, and days of the week are flexible as long as deadlines are met. Bewildher is currently scaling it's marketing and our revenue is on track to double this year, thus the successful applicant will ideally be able to develop into a full time position when needed.


Product/Production management

  • Create and maintain delivery deadlines for all products from sampling through production.
  • Manage deadlines by contacting suppliers and ensuring on-time completion of orders throughout sampling and production process.
  • Keep inventory of trims and submit new purchase orders as necessary.
  • Create and manage production and materials purchase orders.
  • Arrange couriers for sampling and production.


  • Schedule photoshoots with photographers, makeup artist and models.
  • Create model calls and manage responses.
  • Create and maintain model contact list.
  • Event and tradeshow planning.

Social Admin

  • Manage and respond to IG and FB direct messages.
  • Manage contests and giveaways.

Manage Sample Sales

  • Organize sample sales.
  • Send invoices for sample sale purchases.
  • Reply to sample sale inquiries.

Website Maintenance/Shopify

  • Create new product listings with product information and photos.
  • Update existing product listings as required and directed.
  • Upload new landing page headers and link to products and collections.
  • General operations related website maintenance as required.

Ambassador Program Management

  • Ensure all ambassador applications are processed.
  • Manage ambassador online biographies.
  • Connect and build relationships with ambassadors.
  • Execute and manage IG and FB campaigns.
  • Manage ambassador excel doc.

Customer Membership Management

  • Send welcome emails and set up discount codes.
  • Maintain sneak peek email list.
  • Arrange welcome gifts and issue store credits at year end.

Human Resources

  • Documentation; document all processes and procedures for future training purposes.
  • Admin; keep organized google doc folder and filing system for processes and procedures.
  • Organization chart; Keep organization chart and list of tasks that can easily be delegated to future hires, categorized by position with estimate hours for each task.
  • Team building; recruitment, selection, onboarding, training, create culture.


  • Organization: creating and keeping deadlines, delegation, managing appointments, project management, team management, making schedules, coordinating events, documentation, stock inventory.
  • Communication: Excellent written and oral communication including emotional intelligence, cohesion and clarity, friendly, confident, empathetic, respectful, open-minded, adjusts tone of voice and asks good questions.
  • Consumer relations: handles tough questions and confrontational comments by giving high level constructive and compassionate responses.
  • Human resources: team building, training, scheduling, leadership, teamwork, listening, advising, coaching, performance management.
  • Professional: on-time, productive, focused, excellent personal hygiene, appropriate dress (work casual), appropriate workplace behavior, sets good example for the team.


  • Conscious; aware of and responding to environmental and ethical issues.
  • Intuitive; listens to, communicates and acts on gut feelings.
  • Connected; collaborates, rather than competes, with organizations and people who share our goals and vision.
  • Empowered; helps self and others grow stronger and better able to stand up for and claim human rights.
  • Goodness; Kindness and generosity. Serves the greater good of humanity. Sense of satisfaction when able to help others.
  • Wild; unrestrained in the pursuit of what makes you feel joy.


  • Please submit cover letter and resume to nadine@bewildher.com
  • Please include 2 professional and 1 personal reference on your resume.
  • Applications that meet our requirements will be invited to interview. Skills testing questions will be asked during the interview process.

Thank you for applying!