Giving back at every step

As active, outdoorsy women, it just doesn’t feel right to wear activewear that supports the suppression of female garment workers and negatively impacts the environment. That’s why we’re committed to designing activewear that helps to protect the wilderness and empower the women who make our activewear.

Female-owned Manufacturing

All of our garments are ethically sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada in a female-owned garment factory where the employees earn fair wages. The material is derived from certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and is printed locally via an eco friendly process in a female-owned print shop. While the majority of brands fail to consider what happens to their fabric scraps (they end up in the dumpster) ours are are responsibly recycled. [Update, March 5th 2022: due to rising costs FABcycle is no longer recycling fabric scraps. We are collecting our scraps and prototyping making dog beds out of them, stay tuned for progress updates!].


Supply Chain Transparency


While we source our material locally from a supplier in BC, they source from textile mills located in China, particularly Taiwan (ROC). While Taiwan has one of the most progressive recycling programs, they also have one of the highest carbon outputs. As we believe in supporting carbon offset projects where it's needed most in alignment with our supply chain, your purchase-based carbon offset credits may go to China. With our fabric coming from China, how is Bewildher considered "Made in Canada"? This label is applied to products where 51% or more of the total direct costs of manufacturing occurs in Canada. Ours are approximately 70%.


Environmental and Social Initiatives

As a member of 1% For The Planet, we’re committed to donating 1% of our total revenue (not just profit) to environmental initiatives. We achieve this by planting a tree per order with One Tree Planted, wherever it’s needed most in the world to help with reforestation and biodiversity. One mature tree will sequester approximately 20-48lbs of CO2 per year. That is up to 10x more CO2 per year than is created making one pair of our leggings! Planting trees is wonderful but shouldn't be used as a band aid. It's essential that we minimize and offset our supply chain and shipping emissions as well, which is why use recycled polyester and support Greenstory's projects for renewable wind turbine energy, forest protection and solar panel cook stoves in developing communities. We then make a donation to Girl In The Wild, because what could be more important than ensuring future generations of women grow up with the leadership skills and self-confidence to empower other women and protect the planet?

Eco-friendly Packaging

To wrap it all up, we offer two eco-friendly packaging options for you to choose from at checkout; a recyclable gift-box with helpful care information printed inside, great for new customers, or a plant-derived compostable mailer.