Launder your leggings - the earth friendly way

Launder your leggings - the earth friendly way

In our efforts towards Zero Waste we are working towards sustainable options post-purchase to care for your Bewildher garments. And to make em' last longer!

First things first, read our T.L.C instructions (Tender Legging Care) to understand how to care for all activewear, not just ours.

So you've been on quite the adventure, finally unpacked and you're ready to brave the laundry pile. You reach for your plastic jug or pod, what, wait! Did you know there's a minimalist eco detergent option? We are thrilled to introduce you to Eco Living Club.


Zero waste and budget-friendly!

Eco Living detergent strip package is a fully recyclable cardboard with a budget-conscious price. The strips are free of harmful chemicals and will keep your home safe and clean. The  unscented version is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

How do I use laundry strips?
Easy! Tear off a sheet using the perforated line to make one strip. Toss it right into your washing machine with your clothes. For an extra-large load, use a full sheet. 

So how do I wash my Bewildher leggings?
Always cold wash, by hand or in a wash bag on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry, or use the ‘no heat’ setting of your dryer. Heat breaks down the spandex in the material, causing them to stretch out sooner. Avoid washing with velcro, zippers and anything abrasive.

Ready to make a difference?

Order through this link to try Eco Living Club. Offering a 10 wash happiness guarantee, free shipping and hassle free returns! 


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