No More Size Labels, Just A Great Fit - FAQ's

No More Size Labels, Just A Great Fit - FAQ's

What if garments didn't have size labels?

What if they just had the measures they were designed to fit? 

No more hurtful labels put on our bodies, impacting the way we see ourselves. Just garments with the range of measures they're best suited for so we can easily select the right one and have a truly great fit.

It starts now with our newest styles in our pre-order collection.

Simply select your closest set of measures from the drop down menu, or visit our updated product comparison chart for activity-based recommendations.

Can't find your fit? That's because we need YOUR measures!

Our current fit range includes the results from our on-going size survey and in order to expand and design activewear for every body we need your measures. Care to help us out? Grab your measuring tape and click here.

We're also looking for local fit models, leave your contact deets in the survey if you're in the Sea to Sky area and interested in fit modelling for us.

Once you've submitted your measures, please be patient. Our mompreneur founder drafts the patterns herself, in-between packing orders and keeping up with a 4yr old. Check the pre-order collection for our most current fit range.

With change comes questions and we're answering them below: 


Have a question not answered here? Please email your question to 

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