Nadine - owner of Bewildher - here to help you nail the fit. I draft my own patterns and quality test all my products, which means I know the fit inside out and backwards (I dream about it) so I am definitely the person who can help you out. 

Step 1.

Check out the size chart and note there are two, one for the new limited edition leggings for living wages and one for all other inventory. We adjusted the fit after listening to your feedback, thanks for understanding. Make sure to measure your waist at its narrowest and hips at the widest over the peak of your bum - it helps to turn sideways to the mirror.

Step 2.

Tell me your measurements and the item you are interested in by clicking the green "how can we help you" button at the bottom right of this page. I'll reply with the perfect size and all the additional info I know about how that item fits. 

If you can't see the green button send an email to nadine@bewildher.com. I will reply as quickly as possible, within 24hrs. 

Step 3.

Read about our money back guarantee return policy. We make returning something as hassle free as it can possibly be.


Thanks for reading Bewildher's about the fit page! 

If you feel it can be improved please, please, please let us know! 

Happy fitting, 


Owner | Designer