We're so thrilled you're interested in becoming an ambassador!


  • Active women (identifying as female), who are
  • Professional athletes, coaches and/or women of influence, that 
  • Love and already own (or genuinely want to own) Bewildher, and
  • Wish to earn income from authentic product promotion.

If this sounds like you, you have likely landed on the right page!

To be sure, let's first clarify the difference between...


'Customer referral marketing' is when customers can earn store credit for making referrals. For paid sponsorship, on the other hand, in order to ensure our paid ambassadors are aware of and compliant with income tax laws and advertising standards, we require an application form and signed contract. If this legal jargon sounds like too much and you'd be happy to simply earn store credit, head on over to our refer-a-friend page.


It depends! We have a tiered system with discount levels ranging from free to 10% off, depending on your experience and level of influence. Traditionally sales agents are required to purchase their own samples to make sales and earn commission. Only top level sales agents are ever provided with free samples. Sales agents then sell their samples when they're done to get their investment back.

As a small business we assume our own level of risks, developing products and paying for our own samples without any guarantee we'll sell any or make a profit. It has taken us years of hard work to build up our business, the first few without any personal income, and from our experience we've learned it's essential to believe the risk is worth the reward.

As of 2022, for EVERY purchase a customer makes using your custom referral code - not just their first purchase - they will receive a 5% discount and you will earn 5% commission. This will average $5-$10/order. While most brands limit referrals to the customers first purchase, by not putting a limit on how many times a customer can use your code for a discount, we hope to encourage you to build up your client list and establish meaningful relationships with those you refer. By building trust with your clients, many years and purchases from now, you can still be earning commission on their purchases with Bewildher.

Commission is paid by e-transfer (Canada) or Paypal (US) or store credit, the choice is yours!

These discount levels are a starting point. We aspire to help you grow your influence and help you reach the top!
  • MADE FOR THIS - free products plus commission or one-time payment.
    • Recognized as a leader in your field with product promotion as a primary source of income, ex: elite athlete, renowned coach or instructor, professional influencers (10k+ following).
    • Can demonstrate alignment with our brand values.
    • Professional influencers: a social media account with 10k+ followers whom your actively engaging with.
    • Product discount is for personal use only and must make either 10 products posts or 10 tracked referrals between re-orders.
  • SEIZING THE SUMMIT - 50% off products plus commission
    • Professional social media account with 5k+ followers whom you're actively engaging with, or
    • Owner-operator of a well-established business in alignment with Bewildher, such as a yoga studio or fitness center.
    • Product discount is for personal use only and must make either 5 products posts or 5 tracked referrals between re-orders.
  • ON THE JOURNEY UPWARDS - 25% off products plus commission
    • Social media account with 2.5k+ followers whom you're actively engaging with, or
    • Certified instructor/coach employed with a business in alignment with activewear, such as a yoga studio or fitness center, and actively teaching classes.
    • Product discount is for personal use only and must make either 2 products posts or 2 tracked referrals between re-orders.
  • ANSWERING THE CALL - 10% off products plus commission
    • Social media account with 1k+ followers whom you're actively engaging with.
    • Product discount is for personal use only and must make either 1 product post or 1 tracked referral between re-orders.
Due to coupon code sites finding and unfairly posting referral codes, it is up to you to protect your commission by keeping your code private. Please only share your code by word-of-mouth and in direct messages. You can say "DM for a discount" in public spaces. Our referral software will suspend codes and cancel commission for codes found on coupon sites. If you find your code on a coupon site prior to our software's awareness, you can send them a DMCA take down notice which will encourage prompt compliance.

  1. You will be asked to sign a contract confirming that you are a sub contractor and not an employee of Bewildher.


  1. You must report your commissions earnings when filing your income taxes.
  2. For earnings in excess of $500 annually, Bewildher will provide a T4A, which is a T4 for sub contractors.
  3. As per the above, before any commission in excess of $500 per year can be paid, we will require your mailing address and SIN number.


Due to recent government crack downs on influencer marketing, it is imperative that as an ambassador you adhere to the following advertising standards. A first offense will be issued a warning and a second offense suspension from our ambassador program:

  1. You must clearly disclose that you are a paid sponsor of Bewildher in every product promotion post, story, reel etc.
  2. Use the "paid partnership label" when possible.
  3. Use #ad as your first hashtag whenever using hashtags in product promotions.
  4. All product and service testimonials must be true, either verified on our website or from your own personal experience with the product.
  5. All product claims must be true. For example, unless you know the product is squat proof, from experience or from verifying on our website, then do not mention this feature. Brands and their ambassadors can be held responsible for false claims and misleading content.
  6. As per the above, do not make any claims that cannot be proven, such as claiming a product is "the best." This cannot be proven and should not be presented as a fact. Instead, you may say "in my opinion, this product is the best of everything I have tried." If it cannot be proven as a fact, it must be shared as an opinion.
  7. Do not spam. Never send unsolicited private messages or share unsolicited promotional posts. 


  • Word of mouth
  • Social media posts
  • Product review blog
  • YouTube videos 


Please submit an application below.