Claire Johnstone is an Ironman Triathlete

Make that a 4 x Ironman Triathlete.

If you've ever ran a marathon you probably get asked all the time "What's that, like 10km?" It feels pretty good to answer it's 42km and watch their jaw drop.  
I am sure Claire get's asked all the time "what's an Ironman?"
Only 0.01% of the world population will get to feel what Claire feels when she tells people

"An Ironman is a 4km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run." 

And she's done it 4 times!!!

Claire also became an ultra marathoner this year when she completed the Whistler 'WAM' 55k trail race, which boasts a staggering 11,000ft of elevation. 

Never one to sit still, in her 'down time' she skis, mountain bikes, rock climbs, travels the world and enjoys cooking plant based food.

As a recent performing arts grad Claire is pursuing an acting and fitness modelling career. If our endorsement counts for anything then let us tell you how truly honored we are to get to work with someone who is as motivated, talented and wonderful to work with as Claire Johnstone.

Follow her on instagram @runlikethewild

"Bid me run and I will strive with things impossible"