She's a mathematical genius (a.k.a. professional slack-liner)

Slack lining is a neuromechanical task consisting of thousands of mathematical equations, the answers to which allow the body to remain balanced and upright. It's no wonder this mathematics degree holder, a graduate of Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, is so good at it! It is quite the experience to watch her on a highline.The way she smiles from ear to ear makes you think she's skipping along on solid ground, not walking along a bouncing rope over a 200ft canyon. A passionate teacher, she spends her summers working at various all girl camps, predominantly with Girl Scouts of America. Her opportunity to grow as an athlete and a leader is as endless as her talents; she can also be found playing on aerial silks, rock climbing, spelunking, performing yoga on the slack line and a plethora of other outdoor sports. Liz aspires to spread joy through physical activity and offers her services as a live performer and instructor.
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Liz Thomas Highline Festical Squamish Chief in conscious graphic fitness leggings

Photos by Michael Madsen.