What are Pearl leggings:

  • 300gsm mid-weight 88% recycled polyester / 12% spandex
  • This fabric feels smooth and looks matte-glossy just like a pearl. It's long-lasting and stays looking new wash after wash. 
  • Featuring an all-natural anti-bacterial fabric treatment and eco-friendly print
  • Compression, wicking, quick dry, anti-bacterial

Find out what our customers think:

Natalie on our Kale em' with kindness leggings

"They actually don't roll down!"

"Me: 5'6", 170 ish lbs, leggings size M. I'm trying to count up in my head how many pairs of leggings I've bought with the promise of not rolling at the waist and not sliding down. So many. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars and years of legging wearing from rowing crew to cycling to yoga to roller derby. At times I've tried to convince myself that my thigh to waist ratio just made it impossible to have spandexy things actually stay up and not roll into a confining band around my mid section. Roller-derby specific companies popped up with high waisted pants and body-positive messages - and they STILL ROLL DOWN ON ME. But these? These are made with magic and witchcraft - no - they are made with intelligence and solid engineering design. These are actually the first leggings in my entire life of active sports (1991-present) that actually do not roll down or slide down taking my underwear with them. Thank you Nadine for being the one to finally figure it out."

Ania Jaraczewski on our Capri's (she has bought Baselayer leggings and Pearl leggings- one happy customer)

"All the leggings I've bought from you are still in great shape, including the capris which I use for beach volleyball so they get quite a bit of abuse! Also loving the thermal leggings for keeping me warm on my winter runs. No sagging or pilling--yay! I always get compliments on the unique look and direct people to your website :). Hope business is going well! "

Debora De Napoli on our Grizzly Warrior Leggings

"I fucking love my warrior tights! Love. Them. They’re so freaking badass and when I taught my class on Saturday I got a bunch inquiries and compliments. At least five... I don’t even know these ppl. Damn!"

Julie Strangeland on our Pearl leggings

"Just got the leggings today and I love them, thank you!"

Annette NG on our Pearl, Thermal and Feather leggings

"I got the leggings today.  Both my pair and the one I got my boyfriend’s daughter.  I love them!  They are so comfortable!  Can’t wait to run in them! Btw, wanted to mention the capris I have, have held up really well in hot yoga.  I normally wear shorts because I sweat profusely but decided to try your capris and they did not feel too hot and grossly sweaty!"

Jenny Mitchel on the Wildest Dream legging in our Feather fabric

"The most amazing pants I’ve ever worn. They feel like a dream!!!! "