Spring McClurg has the key to happiness.

Got that "something's missing" feeling? It's the mountains. 

Raised in the foothills of The Rockies, Alberta, Spring appreciated the beauty of the mountains, but never once thought to climb them.
Other than the odd small lake hike or walk around local trails, her family was not outdoorsy.
Further distancing herself, she entered the concrete jungle by moving to Dublin in 2004 and carving out a comfortable life in the city, with a good job and plenty of disposable income; but something was missing.
In 2009 she felt the desire to start long distance running, a bold change for someone who couldn't run a full minute without gasping for breath. A mere year later, with a few road races under her belt, she was on a plane to the West Coast of Canada to start a new adventure with her husband.
Together they discovered the joy of mountain life and haven't looked back since.
Spring's secret to happiness? Leaving the beaten path and making her own. Her life is now about trying to push past mental and physical barriers to prove that anything is possible.
Experience her adventures hiking, biking, skiing, rock Climbing, ice climbing, backpacking, camping, canyoneering and exploring the mountains by visiting her website
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