"Her heart was wild, but I didn't want to catch it, I wanted to run with it, to set mine free."



Liz Thomas

High liner, aerial performer

She's a mathematical genius (aka professional slack liner)

Cyn Currie

Wingsuit Flyer, Basejumper, Sky Diver, Paraglider, Aerial Performer

Cyn's full time job is to fly like a bird

Maeve Jones

Yoga Teacher, Acro Yoga Performer

Maeve is made of magic


 Lindsi Kay

Lives in an upside down world

You can find her anywhere except with her feet on the ground

Sasha Galitzki

Is mesmerizing

When she performs the world stands still

Allison Gordon

Moves mountains

Or rather over mountains, in any way possible


Claire Johnsone

Is a Ironman Triathlete

Make that 4x Ironman Triathlete

Sara Leslie

Goes where the wind blows

From the steady winds of Squamish to the warm gusts of La Ventana

Michelle Griffith

Enjoys the nomad life

Who she is and how she choose to exist changes everyday


Spring McClurg

Has the key to happiness

Got that "something's missing" feeling? It's the mountains.

Micah Mathis

“Jill of the Mountain”

In love with heights, snow, and crushing long trail runs.