So you want to be a runner,

but every time you start you quit...

Do any of these sound like you?

A. You are not good at it. 
B. You lose motivation.
C. You end up injuring yourself.

Picking up garbage is not only cool, it's cross training...

When you see someone pick-up trash, not their own, you think 'hey that's pretty cool' right?

Like fitness, a brand is a continuous work in progress...

As some of you will remember, the brand started as "Pokosha Clothing" in 2014, by myself (Nadine) and a business partner. 



 The high cost of cheap clothing...

We've all looked at price tags that make our eyes bulge out. WOAH, that's EXPENSIVE!

Maybe that's what you think when you look at the price of my leggings. Why are they so expensive when H&M's are $20? How can it be that some leggings cost over $100 dollars while others are dirt cheap? Are the higher priced brands taking advantage of their customers? 

Why it's important to do your research into fashion trends...

It is so ridiculously easy to latch onto an idea that sounds good and roll with it - Trust me, I would know.

"You say there's recycled plastic bottles in my leggings? Sweeeeeeet gimme some of them do-gooder pants!"