Kelly Thompson

Adventurista and Customer

"These are my favourite leggings. They are functional, comfy and flattering! I love them for running, climbing and wearing under my ski pants. I love that I can take my phone and music anywhere without having to bring a bag to hold it while running!"


Maeve Jones 

 Adventurista and Customer

"They are divine. I already have five pairs of bewildher, and I'm still impressed by the quality. Thanks!"

Colleen Keyland


"Just tried them on and I LOVE them! Quality and fit are outstanding!" and "I bought the Kindred Spirit Wolf tights last month and they are probably the best fitting tights I've owned, they have great features and the material is really high quality. The graphics are also fantastic!"











Megan  Tandy Adventurista and Customer

"The fit was perfect. I didn't have   to adjust them once over a 90   minute run which is amazing   because I feel like almost all tights   work   their way up or down while running." 

 Ashley Urbani Customer 

"I just wanna say how amazing the leggings are!!  I love the way   they make me feel when I wear;   the quality, the fit and  they   always  make   my butt look great." 

 Robin Goodwin "I love the band that holds them up!" 

 Crystal Forsythe"Love my leggings!!!"  

 Jannah Bender "These are the only leggings I own that never fall   down!" 



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