CYNTHIA CURRIE, Skydiver, Basejumper, Paraglider, Wingsuit and Aerialist

She literally flies like a bird for a living.

You know that saying "when fish can fly?" In Cyn's case they do. She's as at home playing in the ocean as she is soaring with the birds. This marine engineer took a leap, literally, when she became a professional Skydiving instructor... and canopy pilot, and wingsuit basejumper, and speed flyer, and paraglider, and aerial artist. She does it all, and just like superman sometimes needs a break, when this girl needs to rest her wings she finds solace in the sea. She's currently cultivating a passionate love affair with all thing aquatic; surfing, kite surfing, free diving, SUP'ing and scuba diving. See what she's up to now by visiting her website and following her on instagram @cyncurriebird or creeping her facebook page Cyn Currie
Cyn paragliding
Cyn Skydiving

 Cyn Base Jump