Lindsi Kay lives in the upside down world.

You can find her anywhere except with her feet on the ground.

A self proclaimed inversion junkie, Lindsi is a gifted teacher and circus performing artist of yoga, hoop, partner acrobatics, aerials and dance. 

She does it all, on a person, in the air, from a chair, anywhere!

It takes a passionate, outspoken and energetic person to accomplish all that she does. Lucky for her, she's overflowing with those qualities, and she won't apologize for it either. Why should she?

Hailing from Bend, Oregon, Lindsi's entrepreneurial spirit keeps her busy operating her own business and several blogs. She is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, and the co-founder of Slackrobats, an energetic community of extreme yogis and slackline ninjas. You can find her hosting delicious yoga retreats around the Pacific Northwest and abroad. She also loves to see small businesses thrive and helps connect her community through her blogs Slackrobats and Best Gluten Free Beers. She's a busy lady!

Connect with Lindsi

Visit her website and check our her Bewildher product reviews page here

Follow her on instagram @lindsikaycircus

Connect with @slackrobats to participate in slack line challenge hosted by Lindsi.