“Jill of the Mountain” In love with heights, snow, and crushing long trail runs. 

"I moved to Colorado from Oklahoma 7 years ago - primarily for trail running and to begin a new start after college. I loved snowboarding but living in the mountains I quickly fell in love with climbing, backpacking, high-lining, and more. My favourite weekend activities are going for long hikes or for a run with my Siberian Husky pup Kyote. I love to travel and she goes just about everywhere with me! For work, I am an adventurous wedding/elopement photographer and I often find myself hiking up mountains or enjoying backyard BBQs with my couples and their friends/family. It is so fun to travel while documenting couples stories that revolve around outdoor activities, intentional experiences, and beautiful scenery. I plan to continue photographing but I am currently finishing up nursing school and want to start my career in an ER or an ICU to get back to my EMT roots. Long term I want to become a flight nurse - I wouldn't call myself an adrenaline junkie, but I love getting out of my comfort zone and being challenged. Activities like climbing and high-lining have pushed me to face my fears and learn to relax in tough or scary situations whereas running has given me an appreciation for what my body is able to accomplish. I will try anything and I think the key to not falling on your face is to at least try and do so with confidence. The only person stopping you from experiencing life to the fullest is yourself, don't hold yourself back."