"Jill of the Mountain” In love with heights, snow, and crushing long trails. 

I am currently living out of a van in Colorado where I call home. I work as an ER travel nurse and an elopement photographer all across the Western states. Nursing keeps me on my toes while working as an elopement photographer has me outdoors, often hiking or climbing with my couples. I ran cross country in college and my continued pursuit for an active lifestyle has rolled right into my professional career. Having built a business from the ground up which allows me to be outside for work fills me with so much joy. My husband works seasonal guiding jobs that we travel for so we are often on the road and spend as much time as possible playing in the mountains with our two dogs. My favorite activities are running and climbing! Running has always given me an appreciation for what my body is able to accomplish when I push it. Climbing has forced me to face my fears and learn to remain calm in order to get through tough and scary situations. I love to challenge myself and I'm always looking for new things to try, knowing that in trying I may succeed or fail. The attempt is what is important! The only person stopping you from experiencing life to the fullest is yourself, so don't hold yourself back.