Bewildher has the opportunity to provide an enthusiastic candidate with a work-experience opportunity for a minimum of twelve weeks.

In this wild climate we find ourselves in we’ve a variety of duties that we need help for, so that leaves you to tell us where your strengths lie or which role you’re keen to learn!


 Inventory and Operations Assistant

If you’ve got a fine eye for detail, if you’re the person that delights in organization and wants to learn about what quality control means when it comes to design then we're looking for someone to assist with our new print productions. 



  • Count and cross-check production shipments with purchase orders and record discrepancies.
  • Inspect for faulty garments and organize as fixable or mark-down.

Processing and shipping

  • Pack orders; pull correct products, “gift wrap” beautifully, pack and package with consistent quality.
  • Keep holds organized with packing slips on holds rack.
  • Deliver packages to post office.


  • Organize and keep physical inventory neat and tidy in size bins and on racks.

Master Of Order Fulfillment

If your the gift-wrapper in your family and looking for a satisfying way to spend the days during covid, we're looking for people to help pack orders when our production arrives from Vancouver. 

Our unique pre-order business model means we sometimes have a ton of orders that need to go out all at once. The tricky part is that we never know exactly when that's going to happen, so this allows the right candidate the flexibility to work around their own responsibilities as we wont lock you into a tight schedule. 


  • Assemble Packaging
  • Inspect garments - we'll show you what to look for
  • Double-check packing lists to ensure order contents are correct
  • Pack orders in our unique style - like a gift you’d love to receive!
  • Put the cherry... err lavender on top
  • Keep accurate checklists of what's been packed

Customer Happiness Guru

More than just a customer service agent, your role is to be the kind of customer service agent you dream of having answer your inquiry.

 There's customer service agents that respond like robots, and then there's agents that respond like they really care about the customer, and then there's you. Someone that really cares about the customer, the brand and making the world a better place. Whenever there is a problem you take a step back to see the big picture and correct not just the problem at hand, but the source of the problem at it's core. 

We're not a customer is always right kinda brand, we're the kinda brand that understands people sometimes make mistakes, and we work with them to find a solution and provide insight and educational information.


  • Understand our customer products and policies
  • Answer customer emails (If Customer Service Role is selected)
  • Problem solve
  • Manage customer orders
  • Send out notifications


The successful applicant must be available to work at Bewildher's office in downtown Squamish, British Columbia. Remote working duties can be discussed dependant on duties.


15hours per week, ideally within Monday-Friday. Working days and times can be negotiated for the right candidate.


Bewildher is seeking to provide a work experience opportunity for a candidate that sits within one of the following criteria: 

(a) qualified to receive assistance under the Employment and Assistance Act; or

(b) qualified to receive assistance under the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act; or

(c) qualified to receive assistance from a Treaty First Nation that is funded through the Federal Department of Crown–Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada; or

(d) qualified to receive assistance from a First Nation Administering Authority that administers an Income Assistance Program on behalf of Indigenous Services Canada. 

The work experience is partially funded by the Province of BC therefore the placement will begin once we have verified the eligibility of all prospective participants prior to the start of the work experience opportunity. 

Participants must meet the above criteria, but they do not need to be actively in receipt of income or disability assistance payments from the ministry or Government of Canada.


  • Please email to get more details on the opportunity and express your interest.
  • Please include any relevant work experience, a resume and any references you feel may support your application.
  • Applications that meet our requirements will be invited to interview/meet for a friendly chat!