We get it, we’re a new brand, and you have no idea if you can trust us or not.

You’ve got your skeptical face on because you’re a smart consumer and honestly we support where you’re coming from.

We want to earn your trust and we’re prepared to do that by standing behind the fit, quality and performance of our product with a money back guarantee.

We have two easy options for you;

  1. “I DON'T LIKE IT” - You have 15 days from the confirmed delivery date to wrap it back up and send it back to us. We won’t ask you any questions as long as it comes back with the tags still on, it’s unwashed and in new condition. If we get it back covered in mud and bleach stains with the after smell of a week long trip in the mountains we might have to raise an eyebrow.
  1. “SOMETHING'S WRONG”- You have 60 days from the confirmed delivery date to send faulty product back to us. What constitutes as faulty? Things like seams unraveling, fabric wearing through from general wear, and anything coming off the product that shouldn’t during the appropriate use of the product. Faulty can also include print defects. However, please respect the limitations of the product! While wonderfully comfy, our fabric is not meant to withstand tumbling down rock faces and if you get your key loop hooked on a branch on the way down say your prayers because it’s not going to save you. Please also read our cautionary note about fleece fabric pilling below.  


Have you noticed we didn’t say the cliché words hassle-free?

That’s because we know returning something always feels like a hassle, one we want to help you avoid by providing important product info before you purchase. 

We’ve anticipated some of the problems you may have with our stuff;

Problem: “They’re too tight”

Reason: Our summer compression fabric is meant to fit tight and support a runners bouncing muscles. It will loosen slightly with continued use. Unless they looked “faded” from over stretching then the fit is perfect. To enjoy a more relaxed fit for none hi-impact activities like yoga we recommend a size up, the fit will still be close to the body.

Problem: “They’re too big”

Reason: Our winter thermal fabric is a much looser knit meant to feel none-existent under ski gear.  If you’re someone who likes to feel hugged tightly by your clothing we recommend sizing down.

Problem: “My drawcord came out”

Reason: We don’t stitch them in so drawcord haters can pull them out. Launder with care by tying the drawcord in a tight bow and washing the garment inside out. If it does come out grab a safety pin and exercise those finger muscles feeding it back through, a great mindless tv time activity!

Problem: “The fabric pilled”

Reason: Just like roses have thorns, fleece fabrics have pilling. It can’t be avoided without the use of harsh chemicals and we’re not a fan of those. Embrace those fuzzy nuggets of softness and invest in one of those battery operated lint removers your mom used to have. If the worn-in look really isn’t working for you then like our "I don't like it" policy says, you’ve got 15 days to send them back (and we’ll turn them into yet another pair of our favorite weekend pants!) Why do we keep using fabric that pills? Because 99.9% of our customers love it. One customer owns eleven pairs. E-l-e-v-e-n. 

Problem: “The color looks different in person”

Reason: Every computer screen will show color differently, there is no way to accurately portray the color from screen to screen. If you need to know the exact color we recommend shopping in store with one of our listed retailers. Send us a message with your location details and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Problem: "I bought it from a store, can I still return it?" 

Answer: Yes! Send us an email with a picture of your receipt and send the item to the address below. We'll process the return as if you bought it directly from us. 

Have a question before you buy? Click the “how can we help you” button on the bottom right of this page and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.


PO Box 2147 Garibaldi Highlands, BC, V0N 1T0


Please ship with tracking! We can't be responsible for return items lost in the mail due to Canada Post's policy that only the sender can inquire about a lost package. Protect your interests by getting a tracking number and we'll reimburse the expense once it reaches us. 

Once your return is in the post please send us an email notifying of the return and include a photo of the shipping receipt with tracking number so we can reimburse you once the return is processed. 

Can’t see the help button? Send an email to