Our pre-order brand is unique, please carefully read our shipping policy below...


Shipping items together reduces packaging waste and carbon emissions. We encourage shipping all items together by offering free shipping for orders over $150 CAD (ALL items must ship together, Canadian and US orders only)Please help by recycling your packaging

We also offer free returns, however before taking advantage of this, please watch this TED Talk on where most online returns go and shop thoughtfully. As a slow fashion brand we strive to fix and find loving homes for all returns, however there is still a carbon footprint created. For this reason we rigorously check every garment for flaws and faults prior to shipping, but if something does slip past us we'll be happy to honor our money back guarantee.

To reduce the chance of a return, please review these resources to help you choose the right garment and fit:


Multi-item orders including pre-order, arriving soon and in-stock:

As a slow fashion brand, our policy is to hold items so all can ship together...

To qualify for free shipping on orders over $150 CAD, all items must ship together or each shipments order total must be over $150 CAD. Please purchase a shipping label or place separate orders to have individual stock items ship sooner.

We know purchasing shipping labels can upset some customers, so please be considerate of the fact our competitive pricing for high-quality consciously made activewear does not allow us to include shipping in the price of individual items. We need to be able to cover our costs and the price difference between pre-order and stock items is not more profit on our part, it's the percentage we save from not requiring financing or carrying the liability of leftover inventory for pre-sold items. Simply put, stock items cost us more, too. In fact, every time you buy a t-shirt off a rack full of shirts, you're paying a projected percentage of the ones that won't sell at full price, like a built-in insurance policy for brands... and all the more reason to pre-order if you can afford to wait! You save money and the planet.

But hey, we get it, sometimes you need new stuff stat! If you have already placed your order and would like the in-stock items shipped now, please let us know you would like to purchase a shipping label.

Pre-orders: Mark our calendar 1 and 1/2 months from the pre-order deadline, as shown in the product title on your order confirmation.

Estimate ship dates can be found in each product description or on our expected ship dates page. We will try to meet these dates as best we can, however please allow for 1 - 2 week delays that can occur from time to time during clothing manufacturing. Even though it may feel slow, our turnaround time to tally pre-orders, cut the fabric, print the panels, sew the garments and inspect every item thoroughly before shipping is actually really fast; traditional fashion brands take six months from samples to in-stock and we do it in around 6 weeks, cuz' we are badass. 

Arriving soon: Please check the product title for estimate ship time.

We will try to meet this date as best we can, however please allow for 1 - 2 week delays that can occur from time to time during manufacturing, as described in pre-orders. 

In-stock: 1 - 3 business days*

* We are closed Dec 22nd through New Years Day to spend time playing in the snow with our loved ones over the holidays.


All of our flat rates are a few dollars below the actual cost to ship... 

Local, within British Columbia

$10 - includes tracking and insurance.

Canada Post estimate ship time is 2 - 4 business days.

(Sea to Sky residents see free local pickup option below)

To Alberta

$12 - includes tracking and insurance.

Canada Post estimate ship time is 2 - 4 business days.

The Prairies, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

$14 - includes tracking and insurance.

Canada Post estimate ship time is 2 - 4 business days.

Ontario and Northern Provinces

$15 - includes tracking and insurance.

Canada Post estimate ship time is 2 - 4 business days.

Quebec and Atlantic Provinces

$18 - includes tracking and insurance.

Canada Post estimate ship time is 2 - 4 business days.


$14 - includes tracking and insurance.

Canada Post estimate ship time is 2 - 4 business days.


We charge a flat rate of $35 at checkout for international shipping with tracking, however if shipping is less we will reimburse the difference. Please note some countries do not allow tracking. We do not recommend shipping without tracking. If your location does not allow tracking we will email to let you know so you have the option to cancel your order or proceed at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for lost packages that were sent without tracking.

LOCAL PICK-UP - always free!

If you would prefer to pick up your order from Squamish, British Columbia please select local pickup to avoid shipping charges. If you select this option you will be emailed with pick-up location and hours when your order is ready.


We're pleased to offer free returns. Please see our return policy for full details and instructions. Please also review your order confirmation carefully to confirm the size and quantity is correct. It's best for everyone to correct any mistakes before your order ships. As a small business in a competitive market your attention to your order details really helps us out! 

Holiday Shipping Times

Please expect longer ship times during high volume holidays such as Christmas. Delays can be as long as 3 - 4 weeks so we encourage shopping in November or having a nice "its coming" card ready to put under the tree. 

Winter Holiday Closure

Bewildher is run by a team of hard working women, including mothers, who enjoy being with family during the winter holiday season. We will be skiing, snowmobiling and making gingerbread houses, totally disconnected from technology and deeply connected with our loved ones. We will be on holiday and not shipping orders or answering emails between December 22nd through January 1st, returning January 2nd or the next business day. 

Customs delays

We know its frustrating when things get held up and we will help by sending an inquiry, but items held in customs are untraceable until they come out the other side. 

Lost packages

In the history of our brand only one package hasn't been found. That's about a 0.01% chance your package will be lost without recovery.

For items that say delivered but have not been received...

  • Check your mail box or post office box for a parcel card
  • Call your local post office with the tracking number
  • If Canada post delivers to your door, check safe places they could have left it... including the neighbors!

If the above fails to find the package...

  • Contact us immediately to let us know
  • We will need your phone number to open a service ticket
  • Canada Post will contact you before they start an investigation, so please be reachable by telephone.

What to expect...

  • It can take up to two weeks for Canada Post to investigate
  • Following their investigation, if the package is not recovered, they will refund us the value and at that time we will be able to reship or refund your order.
  • We cannot reship or refund prior to Canada Posts confirmation the order is truly lost, as otherwise you could receive two orders and we have no guarantee you'll ship one back. Thank you for understanding!