Are you an existing customer of the new slow-fashion leggings? Sign-up to be a badassador! 


  • 50% OFF GIFTCODES* for future pairs for every successful referral of a brand new customer.
  • 5% CASHBACK on referred sales by existing customers who they influence to make a new purchase. 


  1. Click the "become a Bewildher badassador" button on the bottom left of this screen. 
  2. Follow the prompts to create your own unique referral code. When you give this code to friends it get's them $5 off their first purchase and tracks your referred sales. 
  3. Sit tight and wait for us to check your customer status and approve your application. Once approved you can sign-in using the same button to see how you're doing.  

50% OFF GIFTCODE: These will only be issued when a brand new customer is referred to purchase a pair of the new slow-fashion leggings. 50% off is the maximum discount, multiple codes cannot be combined for further discount. This is not a buy one get one half off deal and should not be interpreted as so. 

5% CASHBACK: Commission earned can either be rewarded as cash rebates or store credit, totally up to you! Rewards will not be issued until at least two weeks after the referred customer receives their purchase. In the event of a return/order cancellation commission will not be rewarded. 

PROGRAM EXCLUSIVITY: This program is exclusive to existing customers of the new slow-fashion leggings, helping us to raise awareness for our new business model while ensuring word of mouth referrals are being given honestly by those who own and love the leggings. 

Thanks so much for helping Bewildher grow and raise awareness for a more ethical and sustainable way to design and sew activewear! 


Nadine at Bewildher

Founder | Designer