Are they really squat-proof?

Yes - if worn correctly!

□ Some brands interpret squat-proof as being able to squat or bend over without your leggings sliding down your bum and creating what's popularly know as plumbers crack.

□ Some brands interpret squat-proof as being able to squat or bend over without being able to see the color of pattern on undergarments.

Bewildher's 'Squat-proof' styles check both of the above boxes, and ALL of our leggings check the top one.


Squat-proof won't hide bumps and bulky seamlines:

Thin and stretchy knit materials, like leggings are made from, are best worn with seamless texture-free underwear that fit well. Avoid lace, bulky seams and too big/too tight undergarments.


If the leggings are too tight, they will almost always be see through:

Due to the construction of knit materials, when overly stretched tiny gaps will form between the threads. If you can see through our squat-proof tights while in a deep squat then they are too tight. In the correct size they will not be see through, so please be sure you are measuring your hips as shown in our size chart diagram. This is around the widest part over the peak of the bum (low hip) and not the hip bones which are up higher (high hip). While it is possible to pull on leggings that are too small, this is not recommended as they may be see through and wear out sooner from the additional stress on the seams and material.


Stay safe, be wild,

Nadine at Bewildher