Baselayer Leggings - Marine Blue - arriving end of Feb



  • Under snow-pants for skiing and slack-country touring
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Cold mornings
  • Your favourite comfy leggings

IN-PRODUCTION: Arriving end of February, order now to reserve your size.

SHIP/PICK-UP ETA: End of February


    • Our 'SOFT-AS-KITTENS' thermal baselayer material


    These will no joke become THE only pair of leggings you want to pull on in the morning. Every dawn you will ponder your stack of leggings, trying to convince yourself to wear a different pair - heck you might even succeed - but two words that rhyme with 'Bucket' will go through your mind and you'll be stripping back down to pull these on off the floor. Why are they on the floor? Because you wore them yesterday; actually it's now day four without washing but don't worry we wouldn't rat a girlfriend out. Besides, we do it, too!

    Hey wild girl! We know you like taking risks, but - when ordering online - it is always a great idea to thoroughly read the product description. Ours is below ↓


    • Thin elastic at the top so they won't stretch out.
    • A high-waisted fit that's both flattering and comfortable - you won't feel like an encased sausage, we promise!
    • Thermal material that's so soft and comfortable it's been described as "taking a bath in kittens" and "like you're not wearing any pants."
    • A crotch-curve that doesn't crowd your lady bits - our secret trick is in the way they fit.
    • A gusset - that little triangle piece in the crotch - to provide a further range of motion.
    • Wicking material that's comfortable even when dripping with sweat, plus will dry quickly on your body - perfect for slack-country touring and staying overnight at a cabin!
    • A non-wool alternative for anyone who finds wool baselayers too itchy.


    • We plant a tree in British Columbia for every pair we make, in partnership with One Tree Planted. 
    • 1% of every sale is donated to non-profit environmental initiatives.
    • Every purchase raises $1 to help a teenage girl attend wilderness camp, in partnership with Girl In The Wild.
    • The seamstresses who will sew these leggings are paid fair wages.
    • All hang-tags are made from 100% recycled paper.
    • They will be shipped in a box that's 60% recycled - and looks nice so please reuse it!
    • Special note: These leggings are NOT made from recycled plastic bottles. We have requested a recycled version with our supplier, but it is not currently available.

    1% for the planet memberThis product plants one tree   


    • HIGH-WAISTED: These high-waisted leggings fit to the smallest part of the waist for a flattering fit on their own or under a fitted t-shirt.
    • ANTI-CAMEL TOE: The crotch is designed to sit away from your lady bits, helping to prevent camel toe and take the pressure off a sometimes sensitive area. We got your back momma's! It's not just the gusset that does it, but an actual trick that's built into our unique fit. 
    • NO - SLIP FIT: The inside of these leggings feels like buttery soft microfleece. During a workout, your body heat helps the fuzzy side of the fabric grip your skin for a no-slip fit. We absolutely LOVE wearing these for winter trail runs!



    • 200gsm light-weight 86% polyester / 14% spandex.
    • Buttery soft and so lightweight it's like you're not wearing pants.
    • Brushed on the inside to feel like microfleece.
    • Thermal; it helps trap your body heat in the cold and release it in the heat.
    • So effective at wicking it's comfortable even when you're super sweaty.
    • Super quick-drying, you'll be amazed by how fast these dry on your body!

      CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang to dry. ***Important*** Please cold water soak before first wear to set the ink. Sweating in the leggings prior to soaking them in cold water could cause the ink to shift. Once the ink is set this will not occur. 

      PRODUCT LIMITATIONS: Just liked roses have thorns, brushed materials have pilling. To create the fleecy underside of this fabric the material is brushed by a machine, cutting the long fibres into shorter ones. These short fibres tend to pull through to the surface-side of the fabric and over time form those fuzzy nuggets we know as pilling. One solution is to coat the surface in chemical-rich "anti-pill" treatments, but we're not a fan of those. They are bad for the environment and are only a temporary fix. Instead, as you snuggle into these, we suggest you embrace them - they're a lot softer than thorns! If you've never tried these and are concerned you may not like them, just know one customer has twelve pairs in her closet, our founder has ten, and we guarantee they'll be a favourite in yours, too!


      Bewildher is designed in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada by the founder Nadine Manson. Our hometown is dubbed the outdoor capital of the country which means we have an endless supply of active females to test our products. Our founder and designer is herself very active, avidly into running, mountain biking and snowboarding. Nadine's vision is solution oriented-activewear for active and adventurous females worldwide - and as a new mom, she puts every design to the test!

      All garments are consciously sewn in a small female-owned and operated factory in our neighbouring city of Vancouver, BC. The working conditions are safe and the garment workers are paid fair wages. We work closely with our factory to focus on increasing product quality rather than driving down the price - aka we don't cut corners - and make monthly visits to ensure our standards are upheld.



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