International Women's Day Giveaway - supporting the Howesound Women's Center


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This is the perfect example of pay-it-forward!

As you already know, Bewildher does a lot of legging giveaways. One of our winners for a pair of leggings has decided she would prefer to raffle those leggings off and have 100% of the proceeds be donated to the Howesound Women's Center here in our hometown of Squamish, BC.

Obviously we said hell yes to this lovely idea! Who is she? Her name is Angela Mitchener of Mitchener Bookkeeping Services and we think she's the bees knees. Not only is she paying forward her prize, but the reason she won in the first place was for entering our giveaway contest for donating to Henna's Needs Scoliosis Surgery Gofundme campaign <--- you can still donate to help this 13 year old girl with her lifesaving surgery!


Everyone who donates $5+ will be entered in a random draw to win the leggings. The winner will receive a giftcode to get any pair of leggings and Bewildher is donating the shipping so you can enter from anywhere and we will ship the leggings to you if you win!


This contest will close on Thursday, March 7th at midnight.

The winner will be announced on International Women's Day Friday, March 8th at noon. How perfect is this timing?! 


To celebrate International Women's Day on Friday March 8th we will walk the donation down to the Howesound Women's Center to make an in-person donation on behalf of Angela Mitchener and everyone who enters this contest.


Thank-you for entering and goodluck ladies!