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Please read our samples & markdown sale description to make sure you know what you’re gettin’ your legs into…


  • Finding loving homes for samples and faulty/fixed garments
  • Taking another step towards being as sustainable as possible
  • Helping make slow fashion more accessible



  • Check your size: Ensure the product title matches your size. If you're a first-time customer, follow the how-to-measure guide on our size chart. Sample sale items are final sale, so please contact us before ordering if you are not sure about sizing.
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    • Verify the markdown: Use the item # in the drop-down menu to check the corresponding description of the reason for the markdown below. Some will have photos of the issue above, however small flaws that will hardly be noticeable except to our trained eye may not have a photo.
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        LHS = Left-hand side

        RHS = Right-hand side


        Item #99 - Print production fault: 1mm white spot on upper waistband, 1" from top. may not be seen during wear; minor.

        Item #100 - Stitch production fault: Bunching at RHS pocket waistband seam. Aesthetical issue only.

        Item #101 - Print production fault: 1mm white spot on back waistband, 1" from RHS rear pocket. 


        Item #112 - Stitch production fault: Fabric bunching /folding at upper leg/thigh. may not be seen when worn. 

        Item #120 - Stitch production fault: Stitching repair at the crotch, the thread not colour matched.

        Item #121 - Stitch production fault: Minor In-house stitching repair at leg hem.


        Item #162 - Stitch production fault: In-house stitching repair at waistband.

        Item #163 - Stitch production fault: In-house stitching repair at waistband/pocket seam.

        Item #181 - Fabric production fault: One of the waistband pockets was printed on the reverse of the fabric. Meaning that you've one pocket with a fluffy outer side! It looks the same, noticed only by touch.



        • One Tree Planted: We plant a tree per order, where it's needed most. A mature tree will sequester 10x more CO2 per year than is created making one pair of our tights.
        • Tell a GreenStory: We've gone carbon neutral throughout our supply chain.
        • Help a Girl In The Wild: $1 per order is donated to help a teenage girl attend camp.
        • 1% For The Planet: As a member, we’re committed to donating 1% of our total annual revenue, not just profit, to environmental initiatives.
        • Fair wages for garment workers: Our garments are sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada at a female-owned garment factory that pays fair wages.

          1% for the planet memberThis product plants one tree   



        • About the fit: this section can be found in every product description. Products in-stock will also have post-production fit notes in this section, if noteworthy. Please refer to the 'in-stock' listing for the item you're interested in for thorough details. If the item is not listed you can look to an alternate design within the same product type, i.e. Run Wild, Squat Proof, Basecamp, Athletic.
        • Style specific questions: this can be found below the size chart and sizing FAQ's, just scroll down. It includes advice for when in-between sizes.
        • Product comparison chart: compare the intended fit of each product side by side with our product comparison chart, which can be found under the shop menu.



          There is a large carbon footprint associated with the shipping and packaging of online orders. What's worse, many large corporations simply throw-out returned merchandise, especially if it's faulty. Watch this TEDTalk to learn more on the topic. Bewildher takes a more sustainable approach, repairing returned garments for sample/markdown sale, as a way to be both more sustainable and accessible.

          Unlike other brands 'we made too muhc' approach, to reduce the risk of material waste from leftover inventory, we only make the sizes that are pre-ordered, in limited quantity to ensure we sell out.

          Items in our sample sale may be those that failed our strict QC inspections, pre-loved customer returns or those that needed a little in-house stitch repair.

          Can't find anything this time, keep checking back or shop the pre-order collection to ensure your size every time!



          • Washing: Hand wash for longest product life, or machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry for longest product life or tumble dry no or low heat. Avoid washing and drying with garments that have velcro and zippers, which could damage the fabric and wear off the print. For best results wash in a wash bag, such as the GuppyFriend. 
          • Pre-Soak: Please cold-water soak before first wear to set the ink. Sweating in the leggings prior to soaking them in cold water could cause the ink to shift. Once the ink is set this will not occur.
          • Stain Removal: Remove stains by soaking in water with a scoop of Oxyclean and the recommended water temperature for the type of stain.
          • Product Limitations: Thin and stretchy knit materials, like these are made from, feel wonderful for workouts but are prone to snagging and wearing through more easily. For a longer product life, avoid crawling on knees, sliding down rocks, washing or wearing with Velcro and any activity that could damage the fabric and rub off the surface print. Cyclists, please be sure to pre-soak and use at your own risk, the print could wear off. Read more on our returns page.
          • How to wear it: Best worn with seamless solid color, nude or white, undergarments.




          Please review our shipping policies prior to purchasing. 

          Items purchased from the Sample Sale collection are final sale.

          If you regret a purchase, we're pretty sure you won't, but rest assured Bewildher merchandise is coveted and you'll find many a fan ready to snap up your item at a consignment store or otherwise.


          WHERE IT’S MADE

          • Garment Factory: Vancouver, BC, Canada
          • Bewildher HQ: Squamish, BC, Canada
          • Fabric cutting and printing: Burnaby, BC, Canada


          CONTACT US

          Have a question? Click the “contact us” button bottom right of the screen or email hello@bewildher.com.


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