"Run This City 2.0" Run-wild Tights *reflective*

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  • Running - the word RUN is reflective!
  • Fitness activities
  • Staying-up
  • Holding keys, cards and gels
  • Deflecting dirt and dog hair


  • Post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Polyester/Spandex
  • Silky smooth
  • Compression
  • Wicking
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Quick-dry


  • Plant a tree.
  • Send a teenage girl to camp.
  • Ensure a garment worker earns a fair wage.


      Rise and shine runners! "Up mountains, down by the sea, fast and free, I run this city, I race for me." This one's for all the runners of Vancouver, in rigorous training for their next running race. Y'all gettin' excited to rise at the crack of dawn and run your hearts out through the city streets?! This print, featuring the Vancouver harbour, sparkles like dew at the crack of dawn - something you're bound to see as you get set to hit that starting line.

      IN-PRODUCTION: These are in production and will be ready to ship by the end of April.


      A ton of love and care is put into every detail, from what you get to what you give back with each purchase. Read on for a full description of all the feel-good features.


      • No-slip fit:¬†We designed a grippy elastic¬†for the inside waistband¬†that¬†prevents them from slipping while running, bending or jumping.
      • Comfortable waistband:¬†The waistband is made from a lighter, stretchier material¬†- you won't feel like an encased sausage, we promise.
      • Two¬†pockets:¬†Conveniently placed at the side-waist, for keys, cards and energy gels¬†-¬†and smaller phones will fit, too.
      • Flattering fit:¬†The 4-way stretch compression material smooth bumps and supports bouncing muscles -¬†and we're told¬†it's butt-lifting, too!
      • Anti-camel toe:¬†Our unique crotch fit doesn't crowd your lady bits -¬†a.k.a.¬†no camel toe.
      • H20 friendly:¬†Our tights¬†won't get heavy when wet and¬†they dry really fast, so you can wear them for running, hot yoga, SUP, under your ski pants and more...


      • Reduce waste:¬†There are approximately¬†20¬†recycled plastic bottles in every pair, certified by the Global Recycling Standard.
      • Fair wages:¬†The¬†seamstresses who sew our products earn a fair wage.
      • Plant a Tree:¬†We plant a tree in British Columbia for¬†every¬†order, in partnership with One Tree Planted.¬†A fully mature tree will sequester approximately 48lbs of CO2 per year!
      • 1% For the Planet:¬†As a member of 1% For The Planet, we're committed to donating 1% of our total annual revenue (not just profit) to environmental initiatives.
      • $1 For A Teenage Girl:¬†We donate $1 from every purchase to help a teenage girl attend Girl In The Wild wilderness and leadership camps.
      • Eco-conscious:¬†These tights are coated with an all-natural anti-bacterial fabric treatment made from¬†seashells recycled from the restaurant industry and certified by the EPA.¬†
      • Eco-friendly printing process:¬†Our¬†graphics are transferred onto the material using recycled paper via a process that does not waste dye nor¬†require the use of any harsh chemicals.
      • Recycled content:¬†All hang-tags, packing slips and tissue paper are 100% recycled and recyclable. Our boxes are 60% recycled and are recyclable.¬†

      1% for the planet memberThis product plants one tree   


      • HIGH-WAISTED:¬†These high-waisted leggings fit to the smallest part of the waist for a smooth and flattering fit¬†under a t-shirt or with a sports bra.
      • ANTI-CAMEL TOE:¬†The crotch area is designed to sit away from¬†your lady bits,¬†which helps to prevent camel toe¬†-¬†if you're a new mom you will love how these take the pressure off a sensitive area!
      • NO - SLIP FIT:¬†As a compression legging with an inner grippy elastic, these should¬†be put on like a pair of nylons¬†-¬†scrunch them down and slide them up, don't just pull from the top.¬†You want to feel the stretch going¬†around the leg, but not pulling down from the bottom.¬†When¬†put-on¬†correctly, the grippy elastic works wonders to keep them from slipping¬†when running, bending and jumping.¬†Please note that in cold weather they may slip slightly so the trick is¬†to warm-up, reset and they'll stay-up!


      We've combined two fabrics for a more comfortable fit:

      The LEGS are made from...

      • Our¬†ECO-PEARL¬†material.
      • 300gsm medium-weight¬†88% recycled polyester / 12% spandex.
      • Silky-smooth and has a matte-glossy look just like a pearl.
      • Long-lasting and¬†looks¬†new wash after wash.¬†
      • An all-natural anti-bacterial treatment made from seashells.
      • The¬†trifecta of technical must-haves; compression, wicking and¬†quick-dry.

      The WAISTBAND is made from...

      • Our¬†ECO-FEATHER¬†material.
      • 200gsm light-weight¬†79% recycled polyester /¬†21% spandex.
      • Silky-smooth and feather-light with a matte finish.
      • Long-lasting and¬†looks¬†new wash after wash.¬†
      • An all-natural anti-bacterial treatment made from seashells.
      • The¬†trifecta of technical must-haves; compression, wicking and¬†quick-dry.

        CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang to dry. ***Important*** Please cold water soak before first wear to set the ink. Sweating in the leggings prior to soaking them in cold water could cause the ink to shift. Once the ink is set this will not occur.

        PRODUCT LIMITATIONS: Due to the graphics being printed onto white material it is highly recommended this product only be worn with solid nude or light coloured undergarments. Darker, brighter and patterned undergarments may show through. The print is also a surface treatment, so it is best to avoid rubbing against abrasive surfaces that could wear off the ink and damage the material - please avoid sliding down rock faces, continuous contact with velcro and crawling on knees.


        All of Bewildher's activewear is designed by the founder in her hometown of Squamish, BC, Canada. It is then locally printed and sewn in Vancouver at a female-owned garment factory where all employees earn a fair wage. 

        The founder of Bewildher is a highly-active female, and mother of a two-year-old. She designs from personal experience, solving common problems women have with their activewear. She then personally tests every design to make sure it's practical and functional for the fitness activities it's described for. She is an avid runner, into both trail and road running, who practices yoga for injury prevention. She also enjoys outdoor and gym workouts for strength building to better enjoy her many sports of interest, which include mountain biking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, kiteboarding, and surfing.


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